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  • +1. I'm willing to spend development time on this if we can get documentation.
    in SDK and API Comment by Fan47 June 12
  • Opening up the API (beyond the Unreal and Unity plugins) so people could attempt OpenVR support with the Omni as a controller would help us come up with our own solutions. I'm willing to spend some time on this if the appropriate documentation would…
    in Doom VFR ? Comment by Fan47 June 12
  • A big selling point was showing the Google Earth VR mod. I have not yet attempted to set it up on the Omni, but she wants to be able to run down the streets of various cities around the world as her daily routine. If anyone has gotten this working…
  • +1 this. Some prior discussion here but no movement yet on it:
  • +1 this, or something similar. Maybe a wiki with games and their compatibility / settings needed to be changed?
  • I agree - also, I'm confused by gamepad mode in general. Do games natively support this mode? What do I need to look for to know if a game with "controller" support natively supports Omni in this mode as a controller? Or is something like X360CE alw…
  • Thank you both for your feedback. @Wombatcave I already have a 970, I will try sticking with it for now. @pittsburghjoe I hope you are right about "soon!" I cannot wait until the Wireless Vive add-on is available.
    in VR setup Comment by Fan47 April 29
  • The Kickstarter FAQ on special shoe needs said to reach out and we will be set up appropriately. I emailed this question (along with others) with my shipping payment (yay!) Monday and did not get a reply back yet. I don't have too many hundreds of d…
    in Shoe sizes Comment by Fan47 April 19
  • Thanks - with the recent price increase I'd like to avoid ordering more than I need. So you have used an 11 where you are normally 10.5 and that was not an issue? How are wide feet accommodated (I remember this came up during the kickstarter)? Is th…
    in Shoe sizes Comment by Fan47 April 19
  • Hello, Is this still accurate? That size 10 Omni shoes accommodate a range of (around) 9-11 and include wide feet? Thank you.
  • I got the email!!! 2198.
  • @Xain I do, I did complete the preorder sign-up on the website (a little late as I had also preordered the rack and had the coupon code issue!), but I have been using the backer numbers to track Virtuix's progress in fulfilling the orders.
  • @sutekiB Great, thank you for the information. If this pace continues I should be looking forward to getting mine mid-May.
  • sutekiB that's great to hear, so I can add it appropriately to my tracking spreadsheet where I am attempting to calculate when I can expect mine, is that the 1450th backer was emailed for shipping information/payment today, or their unit was shipped…
  • It is quiet here. Anyone received their Omni recently? Still eagerly awaiting mine.
  • Cool! What backer number were you?
  • Based on the additional data points posted here and other places (up to 11 now) I have a revised equation of y=0.044581584x+24.47027248 where x is Kickstarter backer number and y is days from Jan 1 receiving would be expected. Based on this I am est…
  • I created a regression model based on 9 data points from this board and from Reddit, in some cases estimating shipping date from email date where they have not shipped yet but based on previous gaps between emails and shipping. International cancell…
  • So it sounds like they're up to ~800 at this point? Anyone higher received an email yet? Jan, up to what backer number should have received emails? I'm #2,198 and haven't received one yet either.
  • Jan, up to what backer number should have received emails? I'm #2,198 and haven't received one yet either.