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  • Stay safe guys, try not to inhale the fumes if you're working with glue!
  • Hi @lipplog, are you removing the included insoles before putting your own in?
  • Hi @Stexe, apologies for the delay. Due to the volume of inquiries it usually takes at least 2 business days to respond. Given it is Memorial Day tomorrow, I would expect you will receive a response on Tuesday.
  • Hi @RABID, the new look homepage does not mean that, it has just been updated to reflect our current capabilities - it will hopefully be less confusing for people visiting the website now, though the plan is still for the Omni to be available again …
  • Hi @Csnorlax, please email and they will help you resolve the problem. I would try turning the Omni off and on, and check that the Ring cable is securely connected to the Ring and the Tower.
  • Have you tried pushing the Harness to the front of the Ring and then moving the Pods?
  • Hi @Stexe, thank you for joining us on the forum! Our apologies for missing your email - we have now responded with instructions on how to proceed.
  • Don't worry @sami there are lots of great games coming - including Arizona Sunshine, which is a AAA title.
    in Robo Recall Comment by sutekiB April 21
  • It's a great experience, you should pick it up while it's free!
  • impressive , no official release yet , wonder why virtuix staff are not capable of doing this mod on release date. no skills ? Hi @sami, everyone at Virtuix is working hard on th…
    in Robo Recall Comment by sutekiB April 21
  • @Fan47 That's correct, the 11s grip my feet really well even though they're a size larger. I'm afraid I can't comment on the fit for wider feet, since I haven't seen any feedback on that yet.
    in Shoe sizes Comment by sutekiB April 19
  • Hi @Fan47, the shoes are quite flexible, and I've used sizes 9 - 11, where I would be normally be a 10 1/2. There are no half sizes and the shoes do run a little large, so the best shoe for me is a size 10. You can always order more shoes on the web…
    in Shoe sizes Comment by sutekiB April 19
  • Hi @Obs545, our apologies for mistakenly assuming that your Omnis were for commercial use. Rest assured your order will be fulfilled and we’ll contact you when they're ready to ship. We’re still fulfilling Kickstarter orders, so it may be some time …
  • Hi @jetparra - that is the end of the experience!
  • It is at the discretion of the developer. Certain games are meant to be played at a fast pace, others at a slower pace. I played a certain upcoming game for the Omni today, and I thought the pace was great - not as fast as Training Ops. Can't imagin…
  • You should choose the Vive. I haven't tried emulators, but I wouldn't take a chance on that. Content needs to support both the Omni and a headset, and content that supports the Omni more often supports the Vive than the Rift.
  • Hi @VRMatthew, there is currently no setting to adjust speed in native Omni games, but thank you for the feedback.
  • I'm going to be needing my Omni soon. @gleamingsands the wait is very frustrating, I'm sorry - the team is continuing to work through the Kickstarter rewards, to be followed by pre-orders.
  • @DanteM The suggested height setting of 4 is only for the first time you get in. That is the medium height setting - since we don't know what height each person will be, it makes sense not to start with it too high or low. Once you get in, you shoul…
  • Hi @zwood you're in the first 1000 backers so you should have received an email already. I suggest you contact
  • Hi @itzglenny71 are you referring to the Kickstarter or the SeedInvest campaign? With SeedInvest, shares were distributed to investors. For the Kickstarter campaign there were physical rewards; in the US these are being honoured, while outside of th…
    in Investor's Comment by sutekiB April 1
  • @Fan47 By "reached backer #1,450" I mean that the emails have been sent out to those backers.
  • Hi guys, I'm sorry the wait is causing frustration. We're a small team but we're doing our best to get the Kickstarter rewards fulfilled - today we reached backer number 1450.
  • I'll be back in the office in a little over a week - I left my notes on Doom 3 there, so I won't be able to do it before that. We removed the legacy game videos (this includes mods) because they were causing some confusion. While I miss the legacy …
  • Just soap and water on occasion. Normally a damp cloth is enough, and most of the time I just use a dry cloth to wipe away dust.
  • Hi @Joe, unfortunately it's not possible to say how far through the queue we are, because we don't know how long the queue is. Not every backer imported their rewards into the website after the campaign; we routinely receive emails letting us know t…
  • Hi guys, the Pods use IMUs, which do not track position, only rotation. This is why HMDs augment their IMU tracking with another method, such as inside-out or outside-in optical tracking.
  • The tracking sensitivity setting has no effect on 'native' games that use the Omni's SDK - it only affects keyboard mode and Bluetooth mode. We appreciate your feedback regarding the movement speed @SeanBlader - we're sorry to hear you're finding it…
  • Hi @sami, we apologise for the frustration and for not sending clearer signals ahead of time that there would likely be more compatible content for the Vive than the Rift. This is not the result of favouring any particular company - the Omni is agno…
  • its not about knowing the future. Its about observations. I agree with this statement Joe. You can judge future success or failure based on observations. You can also use those observations to make changes, and thereby alter the outcome. We're all…