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  • Wish I could pay extra to get this sooner lol
  • @sutekiB That's great thanks for sharing!
  • @sutekiB I'll be waiting at my door then. Hope to see it before August 15!
  • @zanexxxx you will be fine I think. As long as the game works with your HMD you should be fine. From what it seems there is no specific OS the omni requires because it may be recognized as a joystick or something by the computer.
  • @RichardOConnor hey, from what I know I can anwser your question. So you just need a game that uses WASD keys to work for omni. But to make it work for whatever HMD you want, you just need the game to be compatible. So technically any headset works …
  • @sutekiB can we try to expect the omni around summer or late summer? I saw the June date and that gets me excited if it can actually ship then. I'd like to have it before summer ends, would that be possible?
  • @sutekiB hey good news, I jaut talked to some people at sixence and they say a stem pack can compleatley get rid of the use for a camera on the oculus rift. Meaning it will let us lean in and do everything on the omni! I'm going to go order a stem …
  • @Dev_Guy_Robert Then should I assume it won't be ready by your new estimated date if some time in June? Will it come this summer? Will it even be released this year or will we have to wait? Because by what I saw it seemed almost ready at CES with yo…
  • @sutekiB what if I had a tripod directly above with a higher height say 7 feet or so (because I have a 11ft ceiling) but if I have it higher it would have a bigger field of view so then hypothetically it would compleatley cover the full range of th…
  • @sutekiB thanks, but do you think one of the head trackers would support me leaning? And if not could the camera facing down directly over my head support that
  • @psoihluis We know they are working together and planning to make things work well together. I as well ordered both systems and know that any games that worked with Hydra work with STEM. So it is a big possibility that TRAVR will work with STEM.
  • @Nighteyes But my Tiamat has several audio cables so would I be able to use any normal 3.5mm extension on this? And also if I'm getting this strait im look on their website and it says it uses audio to make you feel the explosions and bullets, so w…
  • Well I don't want a wireless solution because I have the razer Tiamat 7.1 and it has surround sound which will make the expirence an even better one of virtual reality. Does anyone think something like this could work and would it be long enough if …
  • Does anyone have a tall boom arm in mind that we can try to run right over the omni? Because think of it, take a shelf or something then nail down your bolm arm to it, (have the shelf next to the omni) and the boom arm would reach right over the omn…
  • Ok thanks I'll do that