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  • Hi Joe, I'm with you. This is a big slap in the face for us KS backers. I can't believe Jan and Co. decided it was OK to abandon Rift/Touch support. It's not that difficult to keep up with Oculus' SDK. They should be humble enough to realize tha…
    in I'm out Comment by yomer October 2017
  • @Admin Can we get a seamless Oculus Rift support. It seems really inefficient to have different downloads for each VR platform. Can't we get single binaries for both? In that same base, isn't there an Omni Arena binary for the Rift? Please give us …
  • @Joe Will they get it together? I feel that there is not a single developer working on their non Omniverse user content. My experience with TRAVR and Omni Arena withmy Rift hasn't been that great. Maybe it's that they're not being transparent about…
  • @admin What happened with the planned support for games on non commercial setups. What has Virtuix accomplished in lobbying for Omni SDK support on retail games. Arizona Sunshine and Xing were among the mentioned games. Do you expect your backers an…
  • Come one. I shouldn't be that difficult to integrate native support. I can't even have a good run on either app because the Touch controls don't fire correctly in Travr. And in Omni Arena, I start the offline demo level under the floor.
  • Great news!
  • Which version is going to support the Omni. The Steam OpenVR version, or Oculu's Home version, or both?
  • @admin Please look into adding native support to Xing: The land beyond and Obduction. I'm more interested in Xing, as it seems like a great exploration/puzzle game.
  • Is there a list of games not made by Virtuix which are integrating the Omni SDK? And would it be possible to integrate the Omni SDK as a supported controller for the Unreal and Unity engines, so developers don't have to invest much into giving supp…
  • KellCam, can you please contact the guys at White Lotus Interactive and offer them the Unreal SDK as soon as it's available? They're far advanced on Xing: The Land Beyond, and it would be a great pair with native Omni support. In my humble opinion…
    in WIP Comment by yomer April 2016
  • Looks really good. Keep up the good work!
    in WIP Comment by yomer April 2016
  • Hi Grey, I hope Virtuix does indeed let you publish your review as is. I'm really looking forward to read it. I wonder if Virtuix will see the things/issues you mention as constructive criticism and allow you to include them in the review, then …