Hi there, I'm Kurt Nielsen, a Vsual Artist and now Game Developer of the "Ascension Series" with an online presence since 1999. With a focus to create photo-realistic reproduction of my Acrylic paintings, I aim for health and personal development with art, music, biofeedback devices all integrated in Simulated VR worlds. Latest testing:


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  • Re: Creating & Selling a VR Framework on the Unity Asset store

    Interesting, Cant say i know much about any of that. It makes sense though.

    Perhaps this could be an opportunity for you to put something together like that?
    I would like to although I think I would want a team to work together to do it. Each part could be made very robust, optimized and to make it compatible for different platforms. I also don't have an Omni to work with at this time. I'm suggesting this for the Virtuix to thrive and not be limited to the sales of Omnis but to create a turnkey system that gets their partners started with little effort and become successful so that their business is also reflected on Virtuix - both working together make each other stronger..this is also why I'm taking the time and adding ideas that can be revolutionary/fitting for a VR experience.

    Imagine.. in most games people have to stop and click on a button or character in order to get something to happen. I think that the less you know/think that you're playing a game the more immersive it is.. so take away the Hud, teleportation via trigger unless the player finds a teleport device, remove the laser pointer etc. So now imagine you actually asking/verbalizing to the NPC/CPU player a question and based on keyword variables "and, if, else" and other specific targeted keywords of person place or thing. These kinds of behaviors are commonly made for AI movement and reactions but I think we can now optionally use Voice to play out your journey/path. Whether we use words or emotion sounds (our reactions) could help reshape games.. When games are intense/tough gamers often vocalize their frustration or success, rarely are the players silent.

    I think it would of been useful if Vive controllers contain heartrate detection -trigger more intensity or lessen it, monitor health etc.

    Back to developing a robust VR framework -definitely need more people on this -some developers specialize in particular areas like AI, or Landscape, Modeling etc and some can oversee the whole thing and have technical insight to say specific things can't be included or need to be.
  • Re: Profit drops with Vive, Rifts & Omnis -Arcades

    Update: in a response I received from HTC, they are making their own implementation for Active VR . I did make a purchase for the VR covers as well -they look awesome!