Hi there, I'm Kurt Nielsen, a Vsual Artist and now Game Developer of the "Ascension Series" with an online presence since 1999. With a focus to create photo-realistic reproduction of my Acrylic paintings, I aim for health and personal development with art, music, biofeedback devices all integrated in Simulated VR worlds. Latest testing:


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  • Re: International Refund Program

    I wonder how the non game treadmills are handled if they break down.. they probably weigh about the same if not more.. perhaps the Omni could be sold through fitness stores, they might already have a system in place for these kinds of products. I think Virtuix just needs some good ideas rather than being bashed. If you can't wait for them because of the issue, maybe finding another VR solution is best for now. I do feel that when arcades and game developers have fully tapped the Omni.. and people everywhere are drawn to it that it will show up sooner at a best buy, Walmart or some fitness stores.

    Another thing that might be able to be done quickly is that with all the monthly license fees paid to Virtuix that service centers may start opening up - servicing contracts in local countries. I think if this was posted on Virtuix's website starting with specific high volume/licensed Omnis that it could make more doors open. There might already be generic servicing centers that can be tapped into.. existing businesses with the space and employees waiting to take on new products.. Example Another I know the parts would be different but they have workshops, receive parts etc.

    Also.. for non business Omnis.. maybe there could be a monthly low subscription/insurance fee offer to customers to help the cost of shipping & repair if needed.
  • Native Footstep Tracking Accuracy with Footstep Sound

    In the game demo(s) that come with the Omni, I haven't heard any footstep sounds in the video.. is there any footstep tracking with synchronized footstep sounds? or is this too hard to accomplish real-time accuracy at this time that if used in its current state would break the immersion?
  • Re: Omni Connect \ Omni Online: So many questions!

    I envision at first a photo-to-3D face fitting interface to create your avatar then join a MMO social meeting place/lobby. Profiles could contain their avatar or 3D model collections or a doorway to a VR world that represents their interests. I think it would be pretty exciting to have a text or voice lip-sync capability built into the avatar (Reallusion has a great one -Crazy Talk 8). I feel VR Game developers/companies will add a VR connect logo built by specific game engines so that all their specific VR game titles will connect with each other like portals so people can cross seamlessly from one game into another -if they don't I will :) this is my plan and it's what I'm working on. I hope other companies in the future will link game their game titles with each other for their customers. Using Unity there is a "Portals and Dimensions" asset that Unity Developers could use.. there would have to be a default VR bridge/lobby to see the game titles you own (and don't yet have that interest you) to be able to pass through a game portal. I can give the ideas but may not be able to create all the concepts needed. A company would have to create a VR Unity asset "VR Connect bridge/Lobby" (Unity Compatible at first) that the customer could download and have their Steam account linked within to access the games they currently have installed or online WebGL games/sites.

    Our gaming interface/lobby should optionally be VR that you can walk around in..since the birth of the internet I imagined webpages as tunnels, you may drive, walk or fly to etc -static pages or pages that have a still images, gifs and videos as well to me were ok but didn't have enough movement. WebGL can change most of this and be incredibly exciting with VR. This will work best in the beginning with WebG or specifically content that is streamed designed in mind if you're near or if it's visible to the game camera.
  • WIP

    Hi everyone, this is just a small snapshot of what I'm working on.. this game/simulation is not optimized and there are some noticeable bugs easy to fix. This world although was made with Voxels it's not planned to be a sandbox game, not at this time anyway. My aim is to make the world look convincingly real looking as possible.. I'm a solo artist also working a low income job non related to the game industry investing in and learning technology one paycheck at a time -let me know what you think about this, I might do a kick starter if I can get around a few hurdles. Video Link
    This project is being developed specifically for using the Virtuix Omni.

    The cool thing about the suspension bridge is that I've made it so wind effects it, the player can jump on it making it move/ripple or push on the ropes and make it rock just as you would expect in real life.
  • Re: Heart rate data to trigger game events -include this into the VO SDK

    I forgot to mention other than webcam heartrate detection there are already many other bluetooth heartrate watches that might be used to send real time data to trigger game events.