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  • Re: Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    I’m super pissed that Karnage Chronicles and MANY others ONLY work on the firmware that supports omniverse. I can also confirm the devs have stated this and I’m starting to get worried that we will have to update and use omniverse to even play these titles. Which would then TOTALLY RUIN the Omni entirely as one of the biggest features is legacy game support and as stated the omniverse firmware prevents function with steam and legacy support games... @sutekiB @admin @Jan Please correct if wrong on that...are we as consumers getting screwed over now? Will Virtuix give us special access to unlimited credits on omniverse if this is the case? What’s the full story on how this effects us as consumer owners?
  • Re: People selling their kickstarter backer pre-orders on Ebay

    Virtuix kinda put the market in a bad spot. I have had several people come over and try the Omni and they all had a blast and want to buy one, however, the only people getting one will be us Kickstarters. My friends wife who never plays games really wanted one as she is a runner, and with recently having a baby she hates running on a treadmill inside. Running through a game, or even google earth blew her mind, she had a blast. There are so many applications for this, but the scope will be limited for the next couple of years. Will be interesting to see where the consumers take the market.
    Well I mean there are quite a lot of pre-orders as well so it won't be just kickstart backers but they really need to reopen consumer purchase. Virtuix did say after all the pre-orders have received their units they MIGHT reopen consumer sells didn't they (i could be wrong)? It would be 100% retarded for them not to as that will be the real market that will promote the Omni. They have this backward thinking idea that Arcades are the big money market and that most dev's will back them for arcade support (which most if not all AAA game devs don't give 2 s**** about since there isn't any real money for them there lol) . However if you have read any of my posts in the compatible game list section you'll see that out of around 15 dev's I've spoken to, most of them have no interest in adding in the SDK to their game as there is not a big enough consumer base to warrant caring about it. To increase SDK implementation they need to increase the consumer base. Same reason Valve isn't adding a Omni button in the input section... consumer base is too small to warrant them caring.
  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    Yo it's been MONTHS what's the status of this? Does Arizona Sunshine support the Omni yet or is this something that was abandoned? Karnage Chronicles has their Omni support almost fully working and it took just 2-3 weeks to get it there. >.>
  • Re: Using private VPN for Virtuix multiplayer games

    I've not tried it but I'm TOTALLY willing to hop in Discord with ya and try this out and get some Omni Arena going, see if we can't convince it that it's a LAN party haha.
  • Re: Order #xxxx was placed on May 6, 2016 and is currently Processing and processing.. and processing ..

    Searching the forums is too hard? Like seriously have you not read ANY updates, posts, or information? They aren't even done with the Kickstarters form 2013 and you expect information about a pre-order done in 2016? You likely won't be seeing your unit till 2018 mate.. I would estimate Kickstarters being done in July or August then pre-orders finally starting. There is a long line and you are about as far back in the line as you can get like just before they stopped accepting pre-orders lol.