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  • Re: Compatible Games List

    There should definitely be an Omni label, but I'm not sure it would go in the Play Area section. Omni use is still technically standing area. It should really be under input devices, for any game that supports the SDK.
    I agree, has anyone at Virtuix actually started talks with Valve/Steam to get that label added yet? It won't add itself someone will have to reach out and convince them that it's worth their time to add for the sake of the VR community.
  • Re: VRZ Torment

    Fricken Steam needs to add an OMNI Support label to the VR Support so we know what games have native support on steam :P haha Added this to my game library today ^.^
  • Re: Robo Recall

    Played the first round standing in my Omni. Only teleportation mode of transport works out of the box. Such a shame, this game is perfect for the Omni! What is the intersection of Unreal modders and Omni owners, I wonder.
    most of the best modders are from the EU... just look at games like Fallout, Skyrim, Doom etc all the top mods (for the most part) are EU developed so if you are gonna want games modded for the OMNI you'll have to start the Omni Modding Core I'm gonna be making some omni mod's myself using the games mod functions and combining it with the the functions of the Omni SDK you can make a mod that makes the Omni work as a native device. Just kind of a pain until we figure out the best streamlined method for it. I'd imagine many of the mods can be mostly copy and pasted to work for different games with very minor tweaks to make it game specific.
  • Re: Doom 3 BFG Edition

    @Rabid I'm planning to post a design for the harness mount as part of a guide for Doom 3. While I'm at it, I have an idea for a DIY gun prop for the Vive controller. I'll be sure to post the guide here (I'll update my original post) when that's done. Should be ready in 1-2 weeks.
    it's been a little over a month and you are still radio silent on the DIY gun as well as the STL files for the Omni Harness please help us poor common folk out with some links to these sweet files ^.^
  • Re: So has anyone here gotten the email yet?

    so for those on the west coast to ship a Omni +VR Boom + VR rack from their center to Arizona is a few dollars shy of $300 be sure to have a pretty penny saved up for shipping ^.^