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    I've been doing testing with them and working directly with the company they have it almost fully working. I have some videos of it working really well. They also got their Omni 2 weeks ago so they should have support fully working soon.

    Video of the most recent test session.
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    I’m super pissed that Karnage Chronicles and MANY others ONLY work on the firmware that supports omniverse. I can also confirm the devs have stated this and I’m starting to get worried that we will have to update and use omniverse to even play these titles. Which would then TOTALLY RUIN the Omni entirely as one of the biggest features is legacy game support and as stated the omniverse firmware prevents function with steam and legacy support games... @sutekiB @admin @Jan Please correct if wrong on that...are we as consumers getting screwed over now? Will Virtuix give us special access to unlimited credits on omniverse if this is the case? What’s the full story on how this effects us as consumer owners?
  • Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    Lets face it, these are some of if not the biggest AAA style games we will see in VR for awhile. I sure hope the Omni will be supported. @admin is there anything in the works with Bethesda and you guys to assist the community in getting the Omni support in these most amazing of titles?
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    @DanteM Who knows? They could tie it to said email and if you don't have access to said email.. *shrug* Eitherway I agree with you in the fact that they have effectively placed a shiny new double barrelled shotgun to their family jewels and pulled the trigger. Moreso in their high and mighty stance of, 'The Omni needs its SDK.' Its a glorified controller to a niche market moreover you are telling me that they havent the man power/time or whatever **** excuse they are throwing to properly getting their emulation software to emulate jumping, crouching and running? You have to be kidding me, a single developer wrapped the Vive to emulate a rift and you are telling me the Virtuix team can't/won't emulate a controller? Im actually livid but I've resolved to get off my lazy ass and learn to program what features Virtuix won't.
    The email thing poses an issue as emails get hacked and shutdown over time due to violations and can't be used as a validate form of ID they would have to have another way or they would find themselves getting lawsuits for not upholding maintenance warranties on products they can't prove have violated warranty terms. Which aren't easy to win as it stands.

    haha RIGHT!!! and furthermore WHAT self respecting programmer relies on 3rd party programs to make their own code work? that's like supplying a printer that doesn't have it's own drivers and you have to buy another set of drivers just to make it work. No self respecting programmer does that, you can find the code VorpX uses to do these functions in open source forums too and just incorporate that into your software if you really wanted to >.> or if you are afraid of a intellectual property suit then you just mimic it without fully copying it. I've never had anything I've every programmer reply on other programs to pick up the slack on it. For a programmer that is just embarrassing.. it's the programming version of erectile dysfunction ... LOL
  • Re: GROUPAL LAWSUIT?????????????????

    It makes no sense and would only serve to harm Virtuix.
    I mean I think that IS the objective... International backers got bent over and royally F***ed in the butty and many want to do the same to Virtuix. I have encounted a TON of hostility towards my Decoupled modding project on Skyrim and ARK due to many of the better modders were international backers that got screwed. They aren't exactly fans of Virtuix in the least nor do many of them care if the project is a success or not at this point due to that. . . That being said, are you serious >.> you are going to try to organize something like this on Virtuix's forums? That's just rude and in bad taste lol. Legally speaking they are fully in the clear by the way. They canceled your orders as backers and offered full refunds WITH bonus money which puts them in the clear. You need to read the ToS for Kickstarter before spouting off and making a fool of yourself mate.