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  • Re: Native Omni games available Summer 2017

    Just got this information from the VR Apocalypse developer. Exciting stuff peeps :)

    Hi Dante. Yes we do have plans to eventually port a version of this game to the Virtuix Omni. In fact, an earlier version of this game was what was shown with Virtuix on ABC's Shark Tank back in 2013. The game is newer game is going to require quite a bit of redesign for the Virtuix interface with Vive controller support in order to fully take advantage of that hardware. However, we are aiming to do the port by the end of 2017 after finalizing the non-Virtuix version.
  • Re: Can someone let me know if this works with the Omni Doom 3 Vive mod

    @Cidpliskit Here you go!
    this look sick can't wait for my Omni!!! Hey can you provide us with some information about what rifle you are using and steps taken to modify it so it works with the vive control? I currently use this one and it works GREAT but I'd like a cleaner rifle feel/look for games like this. I have 3 custom's I've built with stocks and frames but I don't like them as much as the photo below it's comfortable. I'd like to know about yours in that video. Would love to mod one for myself.

  • Re: VRZ Torment

    The Dev's for this game are solid!!

    I tested last night and found that the movement was really skewed to where it would move 1 step in game for every 4 steps on the omni, and that decoupled mode didn't work on the omni properly. The dev's responded within 30mins to me and started "StormBringerStudios [developer] ok will release update asap with Decoupled and other issues addressed," I think personally we have a solid gem here guys and that they will produce this game into something awesome as long as the users keep giving helpful constructive feedback.

    (Hoping it's fixed prior to this weekend I'd love to live stream this and slap up some youtube videos of it soon)
  • Re: So has anyone here gotten the email yet?

    Finally finished moving and got the Omni setup again, Thought I'd share this with all of you in hopes to keep your chin up the omni's are coming ^.^ slowly but surely.

  • Re: People selling their kickstarter backer pre-orders on Ebay

    The money to play idealist? Really? I'm just not hurting for money or lost faith like it seems you have. Moreover your argument of selling your Rift if someone offers you 3k is invalid as its:
    A.) Still in production.
    B.) Even if it wasn't there are alternatives out and move comming out.
    C.) Hope against hope that someone was stupid enough to make that transaction you would just be able to buy another Rift and pocket the extra.
    You can buy an Omni as a consumer through Hero still it's just pricey. Sell you's for higher price and then buy it back cheaper. Shoot I sold my Oculus DK1 for $900 and turned around and bought a Vive LOL!
    His point about support is pretty valid most of the bigger better dev's have no interest in including the SDK unless compensated to do so. There are smaller dev's making content for it like the devs of VRZ Torment thankfully :D hopefully Virtuix steps up their game on talking to devs since so far most of the devs I've spoken to have been less than excited about the idea of the SDK.
    fellow programmers who manage to make their own better emulation software then Virtuix flopping or not does not even matter.
    problem is a majority of the community that normally does this are in the EU and as you may know, they have no interest is doing this or supporting the Omni any the whole "hey we really don't want to deal with you sooo k bye" international shipping fiasco that happened.
    We're all working hard to continually improve. It's normal to have a rough start, but we believe those rough edges will soon be smoothed out.
    Awesome, keep up the good work Virtuix, hopefully ya'll manage to fix the Omni's 3 current short comings.
    1.) Vive emulation.
    2.) binding software to solve the 3rd controller issue with some steam games.
    3.) once pre-orders are complete re-open consumer sales where the real market, popularity, and dev support come from. (or at least give the public a "hey this is a thing that WILL happen" :P )