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    Finally finished moving and got the Omni setup again, Thought I'd share this with all of you in hopes to keep your chin up the omni's are coming ^.^ slowly but surely.

  • Re: People selling their kickstarter backer pre-orders on Ebay

    The money to play idealist? Really? I'm just not hurting for money or lost faith like it seems you have. Moreover your argument of selling your Rift if someone offers you 3k is invalid as its:
    A.) Still in production.
    B.) Even if it wasn't there are alternatives out and move comming out.
    C.) Hope against hope that someone was stupid enough to make that transaction you would just be able to buy another Rift and pocket the extra.
    You can buy an Omni as a consumer through Hero still it's just pricey. Sell you's for higher price and then buy it back cheaper. Shoot I sold my Oculus DK1 for $900 and turned around and bought a Vive LOL!
    His point about support is pretty valid most of the bigger better dev's have no interest in including the SDK unless compensated to do so. There are smaller dev's making content for it like the devs of VRZ Torment thankfully :D hopefully Virtuix steps up their game on talking to devs since so far most of the devs I've spoken to have been less than excited about the idea of the SDK.
    fellow programmers who manage to make their own better emulation software then Virtuix flopping or not does not even matter.
    problem is a majority of the community that normally does this are in the EU and as you may know, they have no interest is doing this or supporting the Omni any the whole "hey we really don't want to deal with you sooo k bye" international shipping fiasco that happened.
    We're all working hard to continually improve. It's normal to have a rough start, but we believe those rough edges will soon be smoothed out.
    Awesome, keep up the good work Virtuix, hopefully ya'll manage to fix the Omni's 3 current short comings.
    1.) Vive emulation.
    2.) binding software to solve the 3rd controller issue with some steam games.
    3.) once pre-orders are complete re-open consumer sales where the real market, popularity, and dev support come from. (or at least give the public a "hey this is a thing that WILL happen" :P )
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    cool, if the vive and touch joysticks can be emulated then every game with locomotion should work B)
    Ya the emulation factor was easy as I've said on older posts, idk why Omni connect doesn't support it yet. It took me all of 2 weeks to get that to work. It's not super smoothed out yet and has issues like it stops working once if you touch the Vive touch pad but it's still in alpha testing phase. That will be fixed with V2 of the software but I haven't had time perfect it with this move.

    It's just a simple matter of having the computer view the Omni and Vive as controllers with a set of functions then having the program bind those functions to a virtual keyboard so Vive and touch joysticks do their own thing but the computer sees them as WASD then Map the Omni movements to WASD as well (basically KB mode) and the program then views the Omni movements sees them as WASD and knows that WASD is also imputed from the movement pads on the Vive/touch controller. This causes the software to think you are touching the movement pads and the game registers it as the movement pads badda bing badda boom. I may of explained it a tad sloppy as I'm texting this from my phone while laying in bed haha. Hope this helps understand the software and hopefully helps Virtuix programmers too. I'm hoping Omni connect gets this function as I wanna see the Omni flourish and not fail due to lax functions and programming.
  • Re: So has anyone here gotten the email yet?

    It is quiet here. Anyone received their Omni recently? Still eagerly awaiting mine.
    I agree. As backer 1050 I received mine last week. I expected to see a flood of comments, questions, suggestions, even youtube videos, but thus far it has been crickets. Show off your Omni's people lol. Half of the fun of a project like this is the community involvement.
    You'll see some content I'm sure. Most gamers don't do the youtube video/twitch thing, I've been making a bunch of content and videos for it just haven't posted any of them. I've also been really focused on making mods and a new program that does what the Omni connect should do but doesn't. (aka acting as a binding software to eliminate the 3rd controller issue some games have with vive and omni, as well as emulate vive controllers)
  • Re: Pavlov VR -- It's Counter Strike in VR!

    Are you using the Omni with it ?
    I'm not as I got it to bind with the vive controllers but it's not super smooth yet and They don't support the SDK, most dev's don't in fact. Many of them refuse to implement the SDK just based on the principal that it is the responsibility of the peripheral creator to ensure compatibility not the game dev's. If the virtuix programmers tweak the software to work like Thrustmasters TARGET software which binds controllers together to emulate the functions then we would see a huge leap in compatibility however that won't happen for some time more than likely. We have seen A LOT of push back from Virtuix not wanting to do that even though it would increase the games we can use it with by 70%+ a lot of games support the touch pad locomotion which isn't too hard to emulate if you bind the controller and Omni as one controller, then tweak the walk motion to act as forward back left and right touchs on the touchpad. ^.^

    I've been working on Mod's that make it supported directly for games like Skyrim, and Fallout and such but since most VR games don't use the workshop I'm limited on what I can do as a consumer sadly. Once I get these working more smoothly I plan to release a few mods that are basically pre-configured compatibility mods that would save dev's the time from implementing it. It's pretty easy to do depending on what Engine the game is using. Unreal being the easiest but still needs some work to make it function right. Once I have things working smoothly I'll be sure to share them ^.^ .... or maybe just sell my binding software MWAHAHAH jk haha