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  • Re: This is the real reason why Virtuix cancelled all orders nd rewards

    Yesterday it was shipping costs, today it is the responsibility and tomorrow ?
    Why are you acting like the story is changing just because the wording is a little different? It still all refers to the same problem. Money, manpower, responsibility, etc. No matter what aspect you happen to be focusing on, it still is just one facet of the fact that Virtuix is still too small and lacks the funding needed to be able to support any of the international orders. They are based in America, and so other locations are prohibitive on a piece of machinery of this size and with these features.
    place a distrubutor in europe and you have no aftersales problems ... but all this is useless because your only aim is to place a refund that you don't need to ship our rewards ...
    Yep, just place a distributor there. Just like in Starcraft, we just need to click the distributor icon and then click the appropriate location on google maps and then wait for it to build itself.
    I'm working also in a small company with thousands of customers all over the world - we have no problems with support ... ( we develop, build an sell high precision measuring instruments )
    Okay, you sell high precision measuring instruments. How large are they? How much do they weigh? What wireless bands do they operate on? Do you ship primarily to companies/labs/schools or to individual consumers? How many people work in your company?
  • Re: Cleaning and maintenance

    I have a soft brush I occasionally dust with. I threw an old bedsheet I had laying around and sewed the edges in so that it functions as a rudimentary cover when not in use. It's the only way to get my cats to stay off the dang thing and quit tracking dirt and litter on it.
    I had been suggesting that Virtuix put 10 seconds into designing up a basic cover since I first got into the pathfinder program. I had the idea to offer different options ranging from; "covers when not in use" to "can stay on even during use to prevent outsiders from fiddling with buttons" to "is cut resistant and can prevent the Omni from being stolen from public booths/arcades"
    Had Virtuix not shut down consumer sales, I probably would have run a kickstarter for something official for them myself, but now I don't think the footprint will be large enough to justify the expenditure.
  • Re: Here is my custom 70 inch Support Ring with working hinge ready for 3D printing : )

    HEY!!! SORRY ..I was not laughing at overweight people! I was laughing at the pathetic 3d model that doesn't take any of the internal electronics into consideration (the stuff that tells what direction you are pointed).
    Internal electonics? How about the basic ability to attach it to anything? Even if the ring is larger, it has no way to connect to the support posts, and the support posts aren't even angled properly to accept that attachment if it was present. I get that it's supposed to be a joke, but there's not enough of a reason to take it seriously for me to find it funny that it's not being serious.
  • Re: question on running games with rift

    @CheezWiz - Rather than suspect a grassroots propaganda campaign against Oculus, it's far easier to just chalk up the different reports to different hardware limitations. I'm not sure what specs your motherboard has, but I'm sure there are people who barely meet (if they do at all) the suggested or even minimum hardware requirements for VR, and as a result may not be equipped to handle multiple cameras.
  • Re: How does the harness ring track the direction I am turned?