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    I'm disappointed that he didn't try REALLY crouching or jumping, but this single video still looks FAR better than anything I've seen from katVR before. I'd like to know how tall he is and how much he weighs, and I'd also like to see how the KatVR looks with the Hammock Seat accessory that they added to their design, specifically how it holds up under the strain of someone just resting their full weight in the hammock.

    The fact that KatVR is already shipping in China already, has a better range of motion, and (at least from this video) seems to be responding well to the physical movements it undergoes is making me wonder if I'll be sticking with Virtuix after all. My only major concern is if my current room can handle the height requirements. (and if KatVR is ever going to ship to the US) I'm definitely going to be following their progress more closely from now on. I definitely will be keeping the Box for my Omni.

    If Virtuix doesn't get on the ball fast in terms of direct consumer support, this is going to be a clear alternative.
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    @CheezWiz -
    Google searching... Rifts - 2nd page, Rift - 5th result, Oculus - 1st result.
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    John DiMaggio also voiced Jake the Dog, so that reference is topical.
  • Re: So... Anyone live in Austin and could help me with some freight?

    what is science-fact technology?
    It stresses the point that it was before a piece of technology that works, but exists primarily in theory,(looks awesome, but not available to confirm) but is now a piece of technology that is physically tangible and usable.(can confirm awesome)
    Basically, insert the Fairly Oddparents meme; "This is where I'd put my [Omni]... if I had one!"
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    @DanteM - Okay, think about this, if you want to walk forward, and turn to look to the side, do you have to change the direction you walk or just turn your head? (hint: the answer is you keep walking the same direction) however if you try to walk on the omni when it is just simulating a joystick, then you wind up with every single turn of your head causing your character to veer off in the direction you are looking even though you're still walking forward.
    It SUCKS. Other pathfinders don't seem to mind, and for some reason Virtuix even recommends starting out with coupled movement, but I've never been able to tolerate it. I switched to decoupled movement the very first time I managed to access the option and have hated any game that I've tried to play on the omni without the option. Playing Skyrim? Sure, go right ahead, but playing with coupled movement is like finding out the dovakin had major back surgery and now has a fused spine.
    If I understand SutekiB's videos, VorpX does have some sort of option that can allow you to do a simulated decoupled movement, but it has to be manually configured for each individual game that the omni is being used on and maybe isn't perfect? I haven't even been able to get games to recognize my omni as a joystick (some sort of 360ce runtime deal) and sure, there's the keyboard option, but at that rate you might as well just get a DDR pad and control your character that way. Or maybe use the wii balance board and pretend the dragonbord is riding one of those hoverboard things.