Sure @Yomer...I got them from this page: There are Oculus versions of Trace, but there isn't one for Omni Arena. Also there is no rift touch support, so we have to use controllers to play. For Omni Arena they dropped support for rift entirely


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  • Re: My initial Omni Experiences and tips (And curious about how others have solve this)

    The walking has been's interacting that is a challenge for me. That's where the xpadder->Keyboard mapping hell comes in. Walking has been pretty good actually...I was a bit rough at first, but with time in the unit I've gotten more comfortable
  • Re: People selling their kickstarter backer pre-orders on Ebay

    Inplayed with it in vegas before the fashion show location shut down. They couldnt keep the two units they had working. I paid to play line, and while there were people watching me flail around (first use wasnt so intuitive) noone followed up. So its not about knowing the future. Its about observations. I dont know where your data comes from to think this will be anything other than a failure. They cant even keep thier social sites updated.

    Damn you fanboys get mad easy though.
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    Its not assholish at all. Its how markets work. If i buy something to enjoy it, but its value skyrockets 500% due to high demand, then that value may go well over the enjoyment value. I like my occulus, but if someone offers me 3 grand for it its gone. Not everyone has the money to play idealist. The fact that Virtuix has gotten out of the consumer game at this point, turned on foreign backers, and is shipping to commercials before fufilling ks backers makes me not feel bad at all if I auction mine off. Arcades in the US are dead...Ive looked into starting one several times. The only way to make money is via selling alchohol.

    Since everything else besides China is gone, then the only market that is going to make games is likely chinese. Try some of thier VR notch.

    So yeah, Virtuix as a company hasnt gotten shipping, manufacturing, deliveries, or global support right. But we are supposed to trust that theyre going to have developer support because they bet on a commercial entity that hasnt existed since the late 80s ina successful booming fashion in the US.

    Sorry, but this company will be dust in a few years
  • Re: Any chance of US orders opening up again?

    I wouldn't say they've succeeded yet...most vr arcades seem to have ordered two units. It's an unproven business model (vr arcades), and Virtuix is providing a peripheral to that business model which goes against the design of all vr headsets today (Oculus and Vive moved to 'room scale' solutions using sensors for locomotion). This means games aren't designed for Omni out the gate. The games Omni made first party don't support one of the two major VR makers (Oculus). I'm not seeing the rest of the few AAA titles jump onto the Omni bandwagon, and with the incentives being VR arcade access only, I doubt it's compelling (we aren't seeing data to contradict that so far). Finally, the software support for the Omni doesn't emulate the current motion controls for modern games (the motion controller thumb sticks) so adapting the device to existing modern VR games is dead in the water. I wouldn't say they've succeeded or are close to it. I'd say I'm worried that they'll be around in six months at this point, or are they the next CastAR
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    Thankyou!!!!!!!! That's huge for us!