Sure @Yomer...I got them from this page: There are Oculus versions of Trace, but there isn't one for Omni Arena. Also there is no rift touch support, so we have to use controllers to play. For Omni Arena they dropped support for rift entirely


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  • Re: Can someone please comment on the setup of the Oculus camera sensors with an Omni?

    I’ll work to get a pic of my setup next week, but it’s not really inspiring. It’s just two sensors almost 180 degrees from each other (probability like 150) on either side. I like the ceiling mount idea actually.

  • First experience with Omniverse

    You guys have some work ahead of you...

    I got to try omniverse at DMG in Federal way,WA. The staff was great, and I signed up for a ten minute session of Primordial to give it a shot and understand the arcade point of view.

    I lost one to two minutes of my session getting into the Omni...I noticed that the timer was already going when the headset was being applied. I liked the game selection screen, but didn’t like that I was getting charged for this browsing time to find the game I wanted.

    Two minutes left to play...a dialog popped up asking if I wanted to extend. I couldn’t dismiss it or control blocked most of my view but I could see that primordial was getting the inputs. So I lost almost 40% of my experience, felt helpless as I flailed to try to dismiss the dialog, and felt overall disappointed. I was just figuring out the game.

    Speaking of...the game had zero tutorial info...I had switched weapons by mistake and ran out of ammo. So I spent a grip of time running from monsters vs actually fighting. I found the weapon switch button (side of the Vive controller) by taking the headset off to try to figure out what else I could hit. I wasn’t sure how to get ammo.

    Overall not a great experience.
  • Re: Rigged up my own Omni shoes

    Sorry just saw this...Evol those are the ones..that and duct tape!
  • My giant cat toy (humor)

    When your cat thinks you got the Omni for him...
  • Re: Rigged up my own Omni shoes

    For the booties I got them at Home Depot, I need to try them side by side to comment on how well they work. For now, they allowed my cousin to actually use the device