Sure @Yomer...I got them from this page: There are Oculus versions of Trace, but there isn't one for Omni Arena. Also there is no rift touch support, so we have to use controllers to play. For Omni Arena they dropped support for rift entirely


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  • My first SDK 'thing' - Occulus + Omni procedural generated world

    I'm only a few hours in at this point, but want to share since this is a native Omni app at this point. Please download it from here, and let me know if it works:!AqxjM4_uBDJgtf0w8sprEXmLZA2CZA

    I don't have a vive, so its occulus only for now. If someone has some experience integrating both SDK's into one project, I'll gladly add Vive.

    SO what is it? It's going to be an exploration showcase...basically I want to build a world that is fun to explore. It's using GAIA in Unity, which procedularly generates honestly I don't even know what all is in there at this point. My goal is to add some UI to show what the coordinates are that you're at...and as people explore the world, they can say 'hey I found something at this coordinate' and then others can go check it out.
    Then I'd go hide a bunch of cool things...particle effects, crashed space ships, dungeons with treasure, castles, etc. around the world. If you want to go for a walk on the Omni one day, you simply immerse yourself in and walk around and see what you find.

    The fun thing is that I didn't look too close at the project when I created it...I went over to visit the ship that I put right in front of the spawn point, then while looking at some of the houses, I found a farm (next to some big rocks). I had no idea they were there!

    Anyway, for those, like me, that want something they can just launch, jump in the Omni, and's something basic for ya. Hope you enjoy! I'll keep working on it and updating.
    Maybe one day I'll try to add multiplayer even. :)