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  • Re: This is the real reason why Virtuix cancelled all orders nd rewards

    To be clear: Hero will distribute Omnis only in the commercial entertainment market in China, not the consumer market. Asian backers will receive a refund. Servicing and support is much better established for the commercial entertainment market, not so much for the consumer market in China. They will not support the consumer market at this time.
    @admin: Hero sent me an email describing their function in the Asian market. How did Hero acquire my personal data (name, email address) ?
    As per your Privacy Policy, you may disclose our personal data only for purpose of providing services (like processing orders), or you filter data so that only relevant data is passed over to them.

    Please explain how the data you have given to Hero is relevant if Hero does not provide service to the consumer market.
    Or are you implying that you had a SECURITY ACCIDENT that lead to leakage of customer data ?
  • Re: GROUPAL LAWSUIT?????????????????

    You've had your refund and interest approximating the value of your investment.
    For a project that is selling our $400 invested unit at $6800 to others, 3% seems to be a tad low.
  • Re: International Refund Program

    Considering that Hero Sports is into e-sports, having a personal Omni at home would mean significant competitive advantage. (nice videos)
  • Re: This is the real reason why Virtuix cancelled all orders nd rewards

    sounds feasible but that math though... "one-player package is about $5000 USD while the 5-player package is over $40,000 USD" 1unit =5k so you could buy 5 for 25k yet they say the package cost 40k ... I feel like they are grasping at straws now. It would be flat out idiotic to charge 15k for the needed connectors to connect these units.
    It might include network hardware and additional monitors (and display switching / PIP (Picture-in-picture) controllers) for arcade type settings.
    I believe Hero does games that are played 5 vs 5