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  • Re: Omni - THANK YOU!!!........NOT!!!!

    Hi @Rev_Zareh
    Our commercial agreement is nearly ready. We will begin reaching out soon (possibly this week) to those who have contacted us via our commercial form: I apologize it's taken so long to reach this point. Through the commercial pilot program we ran, we received important feedback that we are implementing into the updated commercial license.
  • Re: The resumption of sales Virtuix Omni Package

    Hi @Romanov! We've decided to halt sales of the Omni until we ship our large backlog of pre-ordered and Kickstarter units. This will take several months and we'll provide updates along the way. Here's a link to subscribe to our newsletter for these updates:

    We'll be sure to announce when sales resume in a future newsletter.
  • Omni at PAX West 2016

    Reload Studios will be showing their game, World War Toons, with the Omni at VR Village in the Westin Hotel, September 2nd - 5th. If you plan on attending, be sure to stop by to get a true Active VR experience - a fast-paced VR FPS played on the Omni!

  • Forum updates 8/18/16

    Hi everyone! I've made some updates to the forums recently. You can find the updates listed below:
    • Q&A format for new discussions - Users may designate a discussion as a Question and then officially accept one or more of the comments as the answer.

    • Added Support section with Community Help category - As we get ready to ship large amounts of Omni's, this section was added so that Omni owners can get some quick help from members of our community.

    • Moved Omni Suggestions and Omni Feature Questions to Support section

    • Signatures are back! - Click on Edit Profile > Signature Settings

    • Quote button on posts - Click the quote button on posts for easy quoting

    • Posts can now be flagged as Spam or Abuse in addition to the usual Report button
    Thanks for your time!
  • Re: "Virtuix Evangelist" --Anyone Need a Job?

    We'll be posting this job and any future job openings at Virtuix on this page here, so be on the look out!