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    Been using it the last three days, what about it says its an arcade machine? I've only been playing PSVR in it but I'm going to take the leap today to PC games. I've been watching non stop VorpX videos and downloaded and installed everything I think I need. I have a large 70 inch 4K tv next to the Omni for menus and then while in the headset I have virtual desktop. So I don't see any hurdles from that standpoint. It easy to get in and out of so I'm not understanding why you think its complicated. Or are you speaking from a software standpoint? If so then yeah, its hoops to jump LOL. But so far I've been loving it and sweat my ass off playing Farpoint.

    IMO if they would just use some of that seed money on a couple of the big developers to add native support for Fallout and Skyrim the thing would sell itself to people like me.
  • My opinion of the Virtuix Omni from a completely unbiased and highly critical point of view

    I need to start this off by saying I've been super critical of Virtuix and their decision to abandon the consumer market.

    OK, so I got my Omni yesterday and set it up. It was super easy to assemble and I have to give Kudos to the Omni team for their engineering, this thing is rock solid, and easy to put together. I am going to respond about the "slipping and sliding" comments I hear from everyone who doesn't have one of these and even from those with an agenda. And again, from my posts I've been SUPER critical of Virtuix and their bonehead decision to cancel all consumer support and sales, huge gigantic mistake IMO.

    Now that being said I want to touch on the "slippy slide" comments. If you spend time, and I'm talking about less than ten minutes, you can almost certainly learn how to walk naturally on this thing. You don't have to do that dumb super lean forward either, you have to "learn" the correct stride. Also, it doesn't feel like you're walking uphill, that just plain bullshit.

    So basically I'm super impressed with the construction and design. I don't notice the ring and really don't even notice the harness. As for the ring intruding on putting your hands down, thats not really true either. If you want to walk with your hands at your side that is true. But if you want to walk with your weapon or your touch or Vive controllers in front of you, I've found that they can pretty much hang in a natural position. I'm surprised everyone with an Omni all this time hasn't made a video or post touching on these topics, at least I haven't seen them.

    Now, I've used the Omni last night with PSVR and my AIM controller and farpoint and it was awesome. I just used the left stick to move and faked moving with my legs on the Omni. Not ideal but so much better than playing farpoint without the Omni as I kept crashing into things as the PSVR doesn't really have a boundry system. Just the action of moving my legs in the stepping OMNI motion adds to immersion.

    I'm going to play more PSVR games with it from now on. I have all my headsets cords routed to a cieling hook, but I'll be picking up the Omni boom and VR rack this week.

    Omni veterans, can anyone inform me on what is the best way to achieve the best experience with the Omni? I heard that if you download the latest software it locks out all legacy support. What is the exact process I can use now to make sure I get the most out of the Omni? I have VorpX installed, I have my Oculus Touch ready to go, and I have modded versions of Doom 3 BFG, and all my steam versions of Skyrim, Fallout, and GTA ready to go. :)

    Again, let me state that I feel that if Virtuix would reopen and support the consumer market they could be the leaders going into VRs second stage coming in 2018/2019. Arcades isn't going to do it. Maybe in China, but in the rest of the world where disposable income is more common people spend big bucks on their home entertainment. Pool tables, ping pong, Pinball machines, arcade machine, all have the same or larger footprints and are huge all over the world. C'mon Virtuix you're blowing it, bring Omni back to the masses and rule this segment.
  • Re: Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    Omniverse is not just about short experiences. It features a save game function for returning customers, allowing them to complete longer titles, of which there are a few on the platform, for instance Quell 4D, Primoridan, and Karnage Chronicles. Of course I would also love to see those Bethesda games have Omni support, but I have nothing to report on that at this time.
    So then why did Virtuix trick people by constantly posting videos of Virtuix employees playing Battlefield, Skyrim, Fallout, etc? I mean, this is really really really shady. People were so psyched and you literally pulled the rug out from everybody. Nobody, and I mean nobody cares about arcades, maybe in Korea or China, but that is because they can't afford home based entertainment. The majority of your funding came from the community in Europe and the USA I'm guessing and you guys have completely and utterly abandoned them. Not even a good faith gesture by leaving the door open so those game might work. Nobody cares about those other experiences, NOBODY. We want to traverse worlds and kill dragons, and walk around just looking at stuff in GTA, Skyrim, Fallout, etc.

    In my opinion Virtuix has done wrong by the dreamers who basically made it possible for you to be a company, its as simple as that. Without all the suckers who though they'd be walking around in GTA you would have NOTHING!

    I've spent so much time tweaking GTA V with VorpX I haven't spent much time on anything else. I had a friend of mine whom is a marathon runner try the Omni. She recently had a baby, wants to get back in shape, but can't leave the house without the baby so was looking to purchase a treadmill. She is not a gamer by any means, but absolutely fell in love with the Omni. She was so impressed she wants to purchase one on ebay and is willing to pay double the kickstarter value. A big selling point was showing the Google Earth VR mod. I have not yet attempted to set it up on the Omni, but she wants to be able to run down the streets of various cities around the world as her daily routine. If anyone has gotten this working well let me know, otherwise I'll probably dive into it next week and see how feasible it can get.
    Can you put up a detailed tutorial? I have been following your channel for a while and I'm picking up my Omni on Saturday. :)