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    As home users and since Virtuix has bailed on the home market, I'm not sure if we should care what happens to them at this point. They did have an accessory sale over the holidays and I wish I had taken advantage of it, because parts will ultimately be the problem (here's hoping for another sale, although I was wondering if they were clearing inventory to generate some cash). I think from a software perspective, we're more likely to see support from the home users (Skaarah, Evol, yourself and others) more so than from Virtuix.

    Also, Joe, I have that same Omni with my Vive in the corner. It makes me glad I bought a Rift as well so that I'd have something else to play with.
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    Any updates for the weekend? I hope to get some time to play with your existing stuff this weekend.
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    Trying it is on my list as my well. I grabbed the distribution last night and it looks like you just use a command in the SteamVR binaries directory (vrregpath) to add the path of the DLL that is included in Skaarah's distribution. There's a removepath as well, so I imagine if it breaks something, it's easy enough to undo. I'm unclear whether OpenVR needs to be installed as I think I installed it on everything.

    Oh, one more thing - if you're trying to figure this stuff out for yourself because you haven't had the time to keep up with everything, I highly recommend OVRDrop (at least for Steam games). It allows you to put a window up inside of VR and manipulate that window (or the whole desktop). I think the new Oculus Dash stuff does this as well. I thought OVRDrop was supposed to work with Oculus games, but I wasn't able to get it working in From Other Suns (for example).

    Anyway, the reason OVRDrop matters is so that you can change settings and read documentation without having to go back and forth in the headset and the Omni. I have one of the Omni stands (VR Rack) and have the keyboard right up next to the Omni so I can type while in VR. Still inconvenient, but nowhere near as annoying as having to exit and enter the Omni every time I need to do something. OVRDrop lets you pull the window up nice and close so you can actually read text in windows and then shove it away when you aren't using it. I like to put the window above myself as I am typically not looking up. You can also hide it with spacebar (that is configurable as well).

    Another thought - haven't tried this with the Omni, but a while ago I picked up a Targus wireless keypad ( and mounted it to some sort of Velcro ipad band. You wear it on your forearm... It's a great way to have macros on hand when you can't get to your keyboard. A lot nerdy and it's not a high quality keypad, but sometimes having another 18 keys to press can be useful. If you don't want it conflicting with your existing keyboard macros, there is an application (have to dig to find it again) out there that will let you assign different devices to appear as different keyboards to windows. Thinking about this - wasn't there a keyboard tray that was supposed to mount directly to the Omni ? Sort of like a mobile VR Rack ? Since the harness/diaper rides around the Omni donut, I can see where this is an issue.
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    Okay, I kicked it off with a $100 donation - it's the least I can do given all the hard work people have been putting in to make the Omni usable.
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    Purchased! Not only supporting the Omni, but also read some good things about it on the VR reddits. Thanks for supporting the Omni!