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  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    There are ways to emulate a vive controller - the problem is that steamVR will pick it up as a third controller. What Omni needs to do is overwrite the trackpad data on (usually) the left controller. That would enable support for a LOT of new Vive games. I really hope that can happen!
  • Re: Added height

    My estimate is around 2-3 inches - because you stand in the middle of the dish it is less than it would first appear.
  • Re: Smaller base?

    Now I've rewatched it I see it too, his heel visibly clips the lever.

    The posts are at unusual angles which should help, but I echo that it is a little concerning. On the other hand, when you see very experienced people on the Omni they tend to run in a more vertical fashion and kick their feet up less so perhaps once you're adept the problem might disappear.
  • Re: Competitive Gaming on the Omni

    Whenever I've competed in a running based competition I've usually ended up telling somebody it would be so much easier if we were being chased by a tiger or a wolf pack...

    ... how about we put that hypothesis to the test? There could be multiple levels were you are chased by different creatures round different suitably themed (perhaps procedural and infinitely long or you can set the distance beforehand) tracks e.g. T-Rex, Velociraptor pack, Tiger, Wolf Pack, Rhino ... an angry band of Ewoks ... the possibilities are endless ...

    You could have leaderboards for people who outrun their chaser for the longest time/distance. I'm sure that could get competitive, you could even have multiplayer survival modes where groups of players run and you can watch your teammates get gobbled up as they fall behind until you're last man standing, one player could even get to be the velociraptor or whatever and chase the other players. - Truly a game that would show off the Omni's true potential, we need to get this made I think :)
  • Re: console controller

    So long as you can get it to run on your PC anyway, then yes. I'm pretty sure you can do that (with an adapter or software) for any PS game pad.