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  • Omni Advice - Movable Omni

    I own a HTC Vive and most of the content I play is Roomscale. However this meant I had a problem using my Omni since it is stored in a corner which doesn't track well and is extremely difficult to move while my base-stations are screwed into the wall.

    A few weeks ago I found a cheap solution that works for me - a set of 272kg rated appliance rollers for £12. I have both almost fully extended, one under the dish parallel with the footplate and the other parallel at the other-side. I can now roll my Omni into the middle of my roomscale space and back into it's corner with minimal effort. I have a thin carpet and the Omni does not move at all during use.If you have hard flooring I'd be more careful.

    Note: Clearly this is 'at your own risk' and not at all endorsed by Virtuix.

  • Re: Where can i find a Virtuix Omni Controller for Kinect Please?

    @Gustavo1995 This is what you are looking for: WizDish.exe

    This is not the Virtuix one but the Wizdish one from the same time. Both did the same thing : translate movement seen by kinect into 'w' strokes on the keyboard. Thankfully both systems now use much better tracking ideas now since before you could not turn without moving forward.
  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    There are ways to emulate a vive controller - the problem is that steamVR will pick it up as a third controller. What Omni needs to do is overwrite the trackpad data on (usually) the left controller. That would enable support for a LOT of new Vive games. I really hope that can happen!
  • Omni Meetup in Altspace VR!

    Calling all pathfinders, virtuix enthusiasts, devs and curious VR people alike!

    Where? Altspace VR
    When? Saturday 10/09/2016 7pm GMT (dd/mm/yyyy) (timezone dependent)
    What? Chat, chill, games and hype.

    Altspace VR is a free multiplayer social experience for VR which supports keyboard and gamepad movement. Chat or play games such as frisbee golf, 'holograms' against humanity or explore the maze. We will meet in the lounge at 7pm GMT.

    Feel free to come along whether or not you have an Omni or even a VR headset I'm sure many of us will be able to answer your questions.

    If enough of us Omni folks turn up we could try and organise further events perhaps on other games.

    12 Midday : Pacific Daylight Time
    3pm : Eastern Daylight Time
    7pm : Greenwich Mean Time
    8pm : British Summer Time
    9pm : Central European Summer Time
    10pm : Moscow Standard Time
    2pm : Central Daylight time
    12 Midday : Pacific Daylight Time
    3pm : Eastern Daylight Time
    3am on 11/09.2016 : China Standard Time (Sorry Guys)
  • Re: how to play GTA5 on oculus? or anything

    The program you want is VorpX (