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  • Re: Update (preorder 1517)

    So someone that ordered in January 2015, had their order fulfilled two months earlier than a person(me) that ordered in April 2014. /slow clap. Guess order date like order numbers matter little. But I’m glad you got your running with oculus. I’m in the same boat I honestly think a lot of the earliest backers all bought Oculus because it was originally shown as a working headset for the Omni, if I had known that it was a possibility they were going to drop support for oculus then I would have waited for the Omni release long before buying a headset, but I ordered the headset soon after the Omni thinking I’d have my Omni around the same time as I got my oculus. /:
  • Worried(heard horror stories)

    I own a small commercial business, we made an order three years ago of a two package Omni deal. One for my family, one for my partners family and to just see if it was a viable product to invest in commercially but also because we are both avid gamers and VR enthusiast. If it turned out to function well, we'd probably get 10-20 more depending on the cost and footprint. Back then though Virtuix delivery estimate was 4 months so I ordered April 2014 thought we would receive them in August. Since then three years and a lot of changes have gone by our current location is closing and we are probably going our separate ways. I would like to continue in comercial entertainment but omnis are kind of like this odd floating part of the road map because even if I were to miraclioysly get my personal order tomorrow I have no idea when the hell another order of 20 would ever be delivered. But we still really want the products we ordered for ourselves three years ago. My problem is the support departments now telling me to communicate to the commercial department that's kinda just dismissed me continuesly the past few years. As well as telling me in order for our personal delivery to go through. On top of paying $300-$500 for shipping they want us to purchase a commercial license. Why? For what?

    I'm afraid because I saw another poster that was in a similar situation and Virtuix canceled their order and forced a refund on them. And we are praying that after all this time the same thing won't be done to us.