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  • Re: question on running games with rift

    Hi @sami, we apologise for the frustration and for not sending clearer signals ahead of time that there would likely be more compatible content for the Vive than the Rift. This is not the result of favouring any particular company - the Omni is agnostic of headsets; but Oculus have only very recently begun to experiment with room-scale tracking. As a result, there is very little content on that platform that supports 360-degree gaming - hopefully this will change.
    I'll believe this when your own demos are updated to support oculus
  • Re: So has anyone here gotten the email yet?

    lol, omni software should have had this from day one. cant wait to try it B)
  • Re: Doom 3 BFG Edition

    @Rabid I'm planning to post a design for the harness mount as part of a guide for Doom 3. While I'm at it, I have an idea for a DIY gun prop for the Vive controller. I'll be sure to post the guide here (I'll update my original post) when that's done. Should be ready in 1-2 weeks.
    any update?
  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    here is a list of things you can do:

    1-easy: make a page with the recommended walking sensitivity to use inside the omni connect for each game ! this would take a day or two of one of your employees to do it but it will save alot of time for all of us !
    2-start making mods , dont care if the game supports modding or not , hard code into the game if nessecary , talk to the developers , pay them good money to patch/update their games to officially support your omni.
    3-pay attention to Oculus ! its a 50/50 chance that your user might have an oculus rift and not a VIVE , start supporting touch controllers , and fix the camera sensors issues ASAP.
    4-when uploading a video on youtube , with an awsome looking gun or controller holder , how about you share some details about it ? if its custom 3d printed , then share the .STL file to it , so we can print it ourselves and use it ! for people who dont have a printer , they can ask someone to print it for them using 3dprinting hubs. I really do not understand why these details are not shared , and when people ask about them in the video comments , no one answers .. whats the point in keeping them secret ? you are killing yourselves this way.
    5-share controllers profiles (xpadder ,..etc) make a dedicated page for this , please dont ask me to go download a controller profile from steam community page , forcing us to buy a steam controller just to get the option to download profiles is crazy. not everyone has a steam controller and we should not buy one just for the sake to download a couple of profiles from steam community pages !!
    6-support vive/touch touchpad/stick input emulation into the omni as input , some games use these for movement/locomotion inside the games . not all games uses WASD input , specially if it is a VR game. please dont just "look into it" , you need to DO IT.

    ^ THIS!!

  • Re: Does Travr games support touch controllers ?

    @sutekiB @Veraxus i have just downloaded the Vive version of Travr training ops and tested it with touch. it tracks the touch controllers perfectly (its steam VR). i don't see any reason this cannot be updated to give oculus owners full support