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    A quick update on progress. I tried playing FalloutVR with it. It worked pretty well for the most part. Up until I had to run up hill. At that point the game decided that I was meant to be underground and I fell under the game world. So I'm working now on the overlay application and what I want to do is have some sliders that I can interpolate between any axis offset, trackpad input, etc. I think this will help alleviate boundary issues for games that support trackpad locomotion.
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    Decoupled movement is in. I was able to pull the important stuff out of the unreal sdk! Turns out the "calibration" just sets an offset angle between the headset yaw and the omni yaw. Pretty silly to package it all in a calibration app instead of having that stuff available in the connect app. I'll eventually have that as a slider in the overlay app as well as an on/off switch for position offsets.
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    I tested it and even without decoupled movement its amazing. The only issues so far is that you can easily walk out of bounds. In pavlov this kills you! I'll be making a short video and an installer for you guys later this week!
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    I got keyboard arrows hooked in from DirectInput and successfully moved around in pavlov without the controller! Progress has been made bois.Next step is to figure out why joystick enumeration is crashing the openvr server and then I'll move on to the overlay and configurations.
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    I just had my "AHAAAH!" moment while sitting on the toilet. I need to make the driver instance a device that forwards inputs from the vive controller for everything except the dpad input.
    hpw close to a release is this?
    Unfortunately, progress is slow. I was hoping to have something functional by the end of the year but I finally know what I need to try next. Wish me luck.