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    There's even talks of lawsuits from members trying to get their money back. Looks like we made the right choice, boys; payday's coming in the next few months :) I do feel bad for those guys though. Hope they get at least a percentage of their money back.
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    @xxann5. Coming from the 900 series don't expect to overclock as well as you did jumping to the 1000 series. Nvidia placed a whole bunch of restrictions on oc so most GPU can't past 2.1 GHz; unless you get lucky and win the silicon lottery. Maybe with the Ti they will be more open, though. EVGA is rock-solid, as always.

    The 1080 is around 25% faster than the 980ti and the Titan Pascal is around 20-ish faster than the 1080 and since the Ti tend to offer around titan performance you can reasonably expect a 50% performance increase. Not bad--every bit helps for VR (as I'm learning). Going from the 480 to the 1080 I saw ~5X performance increase; I'm not going to wait that long in the future and I'll upgrade when the next gpu reaches ~2.5x performance compared to the 1080.

    @KellCam_Virtuix. I know, right? Compared to the hybrid the seahawk is more low-profile, more stealth-like if you will. Plus it has the word "seahawk" in the name and the helicopter on the cover are nice cosmetic bonuses imo. Most important, though, is performance: 2.1 GHz OC; ~60 degree full-load in California summer heat; and dead-silent. I'm never going back to blower-style again.

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    Chose the Seahawk--I regret nothing! Amazing performance o:)
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    Cool. Who would have thought a career in vr is now possible only when a few years ago there wasn't even an industry. Amazing progress we're making.
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    Next month is here!!! ... Actually, one more day, but close enough! Here's the quote we've all been waiting for: "We will provide a more detailed production plan in our next update at the end of this month." This update is the big one guys!