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  • The Per 10 Miles Update Club

    Have you walked/sprinted at least over 10 miles in the Omni? Would you like to share your experience every time you run another 10 miles? Well, this thread is for you! Just post a pic of your Omni Tracking Data as proof (don't cheat, please), and you will be in the exclusive 10 miles club -- much better than the mile high club....

    Seriously though, I just thought this would be fun and motivational :smiley:

    Update: 1

    About 2 miles came from Virtuix's games, while the rest came from Fallout 4 VR (thanks EVOL!). The experience, at times, is overwhelming. After cracking up the clarity, it's like seeing and walking through another world. I'll definitely hit 500 miles+ in this game alone. When Skyrim hit, add another 500 miles. Just wanted to log the progress of my journey here. Cheers everyone! Share if you can!
  • Re: Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    Tip: Upgrade the Omni shoe insoles with memory foam ones. It feels much more comfortable!
  • Re: Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    Just spent ~4 hours in Fallout: I walked/sprinted many miles; I'm tired; my feet are sore af -- and I LOVED it! Will be going back in after a break. I might need to buy the smaller harness because of the weight loss I'm anticipating:)
  • Re: Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    Yeah, that's what I learned to do; EVOL pointed that out to me. Amazing work! It does feel natural after awhile, Mark.

    @nanonames How are you launching Fallout? Through Steam while wearing your headset or via shortcut on desktop? I've launched it through Steam in HMD dozens of times with no problem. Are you getting any error messages? Have you allowed your firewall to allow Fallout to launch? More info would help.
  • Re: Production Update

    There's even talks of lawsuits from members trying to get their money back. Looks like we made the right choice, boys; payday's coming in the next few months :) I do feel bad for those guys though. Hope they get at least a percentage of their money back.