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    @sutekiB , I think am gonna go buy an HTC Vive , I cannot do much with my Rift on the omni ... I wish virtuix would state it clearly somewhere .. " ONLY vive support" , this way I would have traded my Rift for a vive , and maybe not have spent so much money on the oculus store too :'(
    Given that I backed the Omni when Rift was the only VR headset that was so much as a twinkling in anyone's eye, and given that I gave away my Vive once the Touch controllers arrived (they're just sooo much more natural), I'd prefer that the games I've been reading about in updates for years actually work on the hardware that was originally targetted and which I ultimately chose to support. I do feel a tinge of bait-and-switch with this whole ordeal... and if the hardware itself wasn't as outright fantastic as it is, I'd be really, really mad (as opposed to merely frustrated and bitter).
  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    @sami I'm hoping that as more backers (NOT "commercial partners") get their units we'll some improvement in support, but I also worry that burned international backers are going to spurn the product altogether... and if Virtuix has already given up on their own software, that's a huge problem.

    That said, I'm of the very strong opinion that this thing is just a game controller like any other and expecting DEVELOPERS to individually support your niche controller is the pinnacle of ignorance and foolishness. Can you imagine if every gamepad, joystick, or HOTAS needed native SDK integration? It's absurd and extremely self-defeating.

    All Omni Connect needs to do to be successful is support mapping to an existing controller input:

    1. Select a connected device from a list (e.g. XBox controller, Vive wand, or Touch controller)
    2. Select which input to emulate: stick/pad/trigger + left or right
    3. Done

    That should cover 99% of current and future full locomotion use-cases, no game-specific implementation required.
  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    I'd be happy to tell you, but I'm still waiting for Oculus to send me a replacement for my RMA'd Rift.

    That said, the Omni's keyboard support is... uh, lacking. The Connect Software has near-zero configurability, so while setting it to Keyboard mode will work just fine for WSAD input, there's no way to, for instance, have it detect that you are moving a certain speed and automatically hold Shift... ergo, keyboard mode does not support running. I'd love if someone told me I was wrong, but I've wasted hours at this point trying to figure it out and haven't, for the life of me.
  • Re: Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter

    That's great news. I guess I'll snag First & Second Encounter on the Steam Sale, now.
  • Re: question on running games with rift

    I'm using a 3-camera setup and have had no problems whatsoever... no special steps, no quirks, and I haven't experienced any of the problems that some people have been reporting. In fact, the 1.11 update actually improved my tracking quality significantly.