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  • Re: Can someone please comment on the setup of the Oculus camera sensors with an Omni?

    To be honest, every title natively supporting the Omni I have tried did not accept Oculus touch, so you are stuck with GUN FACE so to speak with an xbox controller. In those instances I just turned the cameras around to avoid the positional tracking all together to get the best results. i also own a vive, and it is apparent they wrote the software to be compatible with it, as it just works with the controllers, no funky positional tracking issues. I have since attached the Oculus to a separate computer and use it for multiplayer VR games in the house, using the Vive exclusively with the Omni. If you have a specific title in mind I can experiment with both and give my 2 cents if you would like.
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    Been my observations as well. Room scale is great for escape the room, and slow puzzle based situations, but is completely unpractical in any fast paced FPS scenario. Even thought the Omni is not exactly like running, it is loads of fun to safely go balls out, sprint, change direction, and lose control....again....safely. The support and security it gives allows me to have a blast and get a work out and never worry about putting a hole in the wall, or stepping on the cat

    I've spent so much time tweaking GTA V with VorpX I haven't spent much time on anything else. I had a friend of mine whom is a marathon runner try the Omni. She recently had a baby, wants to get back in shape, but can't leave the house without the baby so was looking to purchase a treadmill. She is not a gamer by any means, but absolutely fell in love with the Omni. She was so impressed she wants to purchase one on ebay and is willing to pay double the kickstarter value. A big selling point was showing the Google Earth VR mod. I have not yet attempted to set it up on the Omni, but she wants to be able to run down the streets of various cities around the world as her daily routine. If anyone has gotten this working well let me know, otherwise I'll probably dive into it next week and see how feasible it can get.
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    Some method to hang cord overhead is a must. For a quick fix I put a small hook in ceiling and hung a coat hanger from it and run the cable through bottom of hanger. This allows it to move enough where it isn't tugging on you, and I hang the Rift/Vive from strap by hook on the coat hanger. Was planning something more elaborate, but this works so well I might just stick with it.
    I use an I7 3820 with a GTX 970 and 16 gig ram. With this setup all games run fine, and I have never adjusted super-sampling. Only game that shows occasional frame bumps is Elite Dangerous, but even that is only when loading new systems. Unless you can get a good deal on a used GTX 970, at this point I would get a GTX 1060. It is slightly faster, uses less power, and is cheaper.
  • Re: Compatible Games List

    I'd add GZ3doom player for all the old Doom Hexen, etc. WAD files. Doom 2 plays great.