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  • Re: VR setup

    Some method to hang cord overhead is a must. For a quick fix I put a small hook in ceiling and hung a coat hanger from it and run the cable through bottom of hanger. This allows it to move enough where it isn't tugging on you, and I hang the Rift/Vive from strap by hook on the coat hanger. Was planning something more elaborate, but this works so well I might just stick with it.
    I use an I7 3820 with a GTX 970 and 16 gig ram. With this setup all games run fine, and I have never adjusted super-sampling. Only game that shows occasional frame bumps is Elite Dangerous, but even that is only when loading new systems. Unless you can get a good deal on a used GTX 970, at this point I would get a GTX 1060. It is slightly faster, uses less power, and is cheaper.
  • Re: Compatible Games List

    I'd add GZ3doom player for all the old Doom Hexen, etc. WAD files. Doom 2 plays great.

  • The Bellows official Omni support

    Convinced my daughter to play The Bellows with the Omni. She does not do well with scary games, but managed to get through most of it. Only complaint would be I feel the collision model is too large for the tight hallways, you do tend to get stuck on corners and objects sometimes. Other than that, it reads each footstep perfectly.

  • Re: Omni Advice - Movable Omni

    I'm actually in the same boat, so to my wife's delight, decided to rip out the carpet and put in wood floors. I am then gonna purchase those low friction pads for moving furniture and place those under the Omni. My house has one of those old huge cutouts under the stairs for a massive HD projection tv with the huge butts. The omni fits perfectly in there and is out of the way, leaving room for roomscale games. Currently though at 260 lbs and on carpwt it takes 2 people and a hernia operation to move it back in there.
  • Re: People selling their kickstarter backer pre-orders on Ebay

    Virtuix kinda put the market in a bad spot. I have had several people come over and try the Omni and they all had a blast and want to buy one, however, the only people getting one will be us Kickstarters. My friends wife who never plays games really wanted one as she is a runner, and with recently having a baby she hates running on a treadmill inside. Running through a game, or even google earth blew her mind, she had a blast. There are so many applications for this, but the scope will be limited for the next couple of years. Will be interesting to see where the consumers take the market.