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  • International Refund Program

    Dear Community,

    When we launched our Omni Kickstarter campaign in June 2013, our dream was to ship Omnis to our passionate VR community all over the world. At that time, the Omni was still in the form of a wooden prototype made in our garage. Over the last three years and with your support, we converted the Omni to a final product that can be produced and shipped in large quantities. The Omni has become a beautiful and robust device that has all the functionality we deemed essential: accommodating players safely and comfortably up to 285lbs (130kg) and with a variable height of up to 6’ 5” (195cm), easy assembly of the product with an updated one-piece base, and fully de-coupled locomotion tracking thanks to integrated sensors in the Omni shoes and ring.

    As we focused on product quality and user-friendliness, the Omni transformed from a simple prototype to a complex machine with more than 200 custom parts, several printed circuit boards, an intricate height adjustment mechanism, and a durable form factor that increased the weight of the Omni to 175 pounds (80kg). The Omni’s production cost grew to more than three times our initial estimate. Logistics became equally complicated. The Omni ships in a large 48” x 43” box (123cm x 110cm) on a wooden pallet and comes with additional packages for Omni shoes and other accessories. The hardest part of fulfilment is not the initial delivery of the Omni and various accessories (albeit costly and complicated), but complying with international regulations and the global shipping and storing of replacement parts necessary to effectively support a range of geographically diverse customers.

    In the last few months we have explored cost effective options to get the Omni distributed and serviced worldwide, which has become increasingly difficult and expensive given the Omni’s transformation to a high-end entertainment device. After much internal debate and soul-searching, we have concluded that as a small U.S. based startup, we unfortunately do not have the resources to deliver and service units in every country. Our dream of shipping the Omni to customers all over the world has proven naive and unfeasible. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to only deliver units to our U.S. home market and issue refunds to our customers outside of the U.S. Internationally, our goal is to work with distributors for commercial markets such as VR arcades and family entertainment centers where logistics and customer support channels are more established. To make up for having customers’ funds in our possession for such a long time, we will supplement each refund with an interest payment of 3% annually (compounded monthly) on the funds held by us. We realize this offers little consolation after you committed financially and emotionally to the Omni for several years. No words can adequately express our appreciation for your generous and long-standing support, without which we would not be here today.

    We assure you that we have not given up on our dream. We will continue our efforts to expand our distribution markets, and we hope one day to be able to deliver an Omni to you. However, we do not deem it appropriate to hold on to international customers’ funds until that time. Along with our refund, please accept our sincere apologies. We will contact all international customers via email with further details and instructions.

    For customers in the U.S., we will also issue refunds upon request plus the interest payment of 3% per year (compounded monthly). We understand that circumstances change, and our product has changed as well. The Omni is quite heavy, comes in a large box (230lbs / 105kg) on a wooden pallet, and delivering the unit to your home will cost around $200, which is much higher than we initially estimated. Therefore, feel free to contact us at if you’d like to request a refund of your pledge.

    Our process from Kickstarter campaign to delivering a hardware product has been very humbling. At the start of any journey it’s not always exactly clear where you might end up. We’d like to thank each of you for embarking on this journey with us and for all your support along the way. We will continue to work hard to bring natural locomotion to VR and enable the kind of VR experience we’ve always dreamed of.

    Best regards,

    Jan and the Virtuix team
  • Re: Just Tell Me When I'm Going to Get My Omni

    Hi Gleamingsands, when we get through this refund phase, our team will start linking each U.S. pre-order to a container in our production schedule, so that we can start giving shipping estimates. These will still be subject to change (production is still not entirely predictable), but at least your sequence in line will be fixed.
  • Re: The Chinese knockoffs are swarming...

    Hi Tomek, these are absolutely illegal and unauthorized knock-offs, in essence they are scams. The seller of this product on this site does not have any Omnis. It's unfortunate to see this kind of scam.
  • Re: International Refund Program

    HI Edmg, that is correct. Anyone who has seen the Omni and Omni packaging in person will understand that shipping this product all over the world, and providing support in each country (which also means making extra accessories available in each country) is absolute madness for a small company like ours. We did not raise a $15MM-$20MM financing round, as we had intended, that would give us enough resources to try to tackle this challenge. Money can solve all problems, but the reality is that our resources are limited. We have come to realize and accept this in the past few weeks. There's nothing more to it. We are a small company and don't have the staff or money to ship and support a large and complex product in foreign markets all over the world. Instead of keeping your money, we find it only appropriate that we refund everyone's money plus interest. We regret this development, as it's clearly not what we had in mind.

    Hi all, Jan here. I realize my words are falling onto deaf ears and are depicted as lies, although I cannot state the truth more bluntly: it is insane to think that a small company of 15 people can just launch a big and complex product in every country around the world. We thought we could do it, but we had to admit to ourselves in the last few weeks that we just can't. It would be suicide. This has nothing to do with the cost of initial shipping: sure, many of you would be willing to pay more to get the units delivered. No big deal. What is the big deal is having thousands of Omnis and customers in countries all over the world. Just think about that. No one of you is going to send us an email when something breaks? No one of you is going to ask us to get your Omni fixed? Hell, WE would want to get your Omni fixed. We would not want to have unfixed, broken Omnis in the field. Do you really believe that a small company is able to support thousands of Omnis and customers in foreign markets? It's not realistic. For the longest time I had a mental picture in my mind of the Omni being a typical consumer electronics device that can be shipped all over the world. But it's not true - it's a huge, complex, high-end device. I had to admit that. I hope you guys can accept that as well. I do not know what else I can say other than that I am terribly sorry and that we need to move past this dark and disappointing time. It's especially hard for me, because nothing is more painful to build up a community of supporters, to then disappoint those who supported me in the first place. It's incredibly painful and not something that anyone would plan for. Our dream is intact: to get a VR setup with an Omni in every household. It's just going to take us much longer to get there. This is a big setback for all of us.