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    Hi everyone. It's true that a handful of Omnis were sent to some international addresses as part of our Pathfinder program. You can see that we genuinely intended to service these regions. Individually, these units were very expensive to send, and participants understood that extended support might not be possible for them. It was partly through this process that it became apparent that we would not be able to handle delivery and servicing of the remaining orders outside of the U.S. We hope that one day we will be in a position to bring the Omni to these territories, but for now this is not possible for us to do ourselves. Again, our sincere apologies for this disappointment.

    - The Virtuix Team
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    Hi EDMG, we'd love to just refund the credit card but our online e-commerce system does not save credit card info for longer than 90 days for security reasons. It is indeed not the cost of the actual delivery of the product that is a challenge, but the resources needed to support thousands of Omnis in countries all over the world - that has proven to be a naive intention just not realistic for a small company like ours with a staff of 15 people in the US. Anyone who has seen the size and complexity of the Omni would understand. It'd be a suicide mission, and we've come to accept this reality in the last few weeks. This is not what we intended, and we are very sorry. Needless to say this is a big setback for our team and our company.
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    Hi Kijutsu, I understand your frustration. You have been a backer and supporter since day one. We feel terrible about this forced action. Our production capacity is large enough to produce our backlog, so this has nothing to do with us having a partner in China. The reality is that shipping and supporting a product like the Omni worldwide, for example in a country like Japan, is extremely hard for a small startup like ours. When we started this project, we expected that the Omni would fit in a nice box that we could ship all over the world. Now the Omni has evolved into a large and complex device in multiple boxes, with wireless communication protocols that require approvals, and more than 200 custom parts. Our dream of shipping this product to customers worldwide has proven naive and not realistic. Our US team has 15 people. It'd be a suicide mission. We wish it were different. This is not the outcome we desired and is terrible for all of us.

    Hi all, Jan here. I realize my words are falling onto deaf ears and are depicted as lies, although I cannot state the truth more bluntly: it is insane to think that a small company of 15 people can just launch a big and complex product in every country around the world. We thought we could do it, but we had to admit to ourselves in the last few weeks that we just can't. It would be suicide. This has nothing to do with the cost of initial shipping: sure, many of you would be willing to pay more to get the units delivered. No big deal. What is the big deal is having thousands of Omnis and customers in countries all over the world. Just think about that. No one of you is going to send us an email when something breaks? No one of you is going to ask us to get your Omni fixed? Hell, WE would want to get your Omni fixed. We would not want to have unfixed, broken Omnis in the field. Do you really believe that a small company is able to support thousands of Omnis and customers in foreign markets? It's not realistic. For the longest time I had a mental picture in my mind of the Omni being a typical consumer electronics device that can be shipped all over the world. But it's not true - it's a huge, complex, high-end device. I had to admit that. I hope you guys can accept that as well. I do not know what else I can say other than that I am terribly sorry and that we need to move past this dark and disappointing time. It's especially hard for me, because nothing is more painful to build up a community of supporters, to then disappoint those who supported me in the first place. It's incredibly painful and not something that anyone would plan for. Our dream is intact: to get a VR setup with an Omni in every household. It's just going to take us much longer to get there. This is a big setback for all of us.
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    Hi Tomek, these are absolutely illegal and unauthorized knock-offs, in essence they are scams. The seller of this product on this site does not have any Omnis. It's unfortunate to see this kind of scam.