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  • Re: It's pretty dim in here, shed some light please

    The reality is if they make a bunch of these and screw it up, it's not like they can send out a patch over the web.
  • Re: Skiing and Snowboarding as an omni game

    @Sponge101 Surfing is really interesting as well, Thanks for mentioning it. The great thing about the Virtuix is that I suspect you could probably just shift your weight to turn or at the very least make small foot movements. And you're standing up at the same time so you get to have that experience. Parachuting and para-sailing might be possible as well, given the harness.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding as an omni game

    I was thinking today this might be something you could do on the Omni because it's slippery, where as you couldn't do otherwise in a stand up environment.

    My thoughts are that Skiing would probably work best because of the leg and body movements you make seem like they'd track better. You could have ski polls as well to keep your hands busy.
  • Pathfinder Omni arrived - very awesome.

    Jogged around my island today - about 2500 steps, ~100 calories. Really awesome. Fantastic work out, incredibly immersive. There are parts where the path goes into shallow waters .. actually feels like I'm wading into the water. Can't wait for the world building toolset from Unity so I can build as I run around the island. Hopefully they'll integrate with the Leap Motion as well.

    My daughter has named our Omni "Verty", as an allusion to the name Virtuix and the green color of the Omni. She thinks it is pretty awesome as well. All her friends at school are immensely jealous!

    As soon as I get my leap motion and integrate it with the the island / spell casting I've done I'll do a video.

  • Re: Skyrim

    My goal is Leap motion :) I want to be able to cast spells by just putting my hand out in front of my HMD.