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  • Re: Need to Interview Someone Associated with a VR Company for an Ethics Paper

    Dude you saved my life. Thanks man.
  • Re: My opinion of the Virtuix Omni from a completely unbiased and highly critical point of view

    I just received mine and put it together, it for real has some major hang ups for such an expensive product, but I might live. Frankly, the whole thing is kind of a mess in terms of usability, it really is suited better to an arcade with an attendant than a home machine, even though I recognize it's against my best interest to say that. Now, with that being said, it can't stay an arcade machine because it will die out in the arcades, alone, the tread on the bases receiving little more than light scuffing over the years. At least the way you're using it with the PSVR is an attempt at using it properly. Oh, incidentally, there probably is some super round-about way of getting the Omni working with the PSVR via a few loop backs with the controls. Not worth it IMO, but definitely do-able.
  • Re: VR versions of Fallout 4 and Doom announced at E3 (for the HTC Vive)

    This pisses me off. As an Oculus owner, if this doesn't make it to the Oculus, Bethesda can piss off. There is no need to make a 3rd party game an exclusive. Period.
  • How much more expensive can the Omni get?

    Virtuix, I love your product. I can't want to have it and use it. Its going to be amazing. But like a drunk friend that's had one too many and now wants to hit Denny's and a strip club, we have to talk.

    Are you serious about the price increase? How much more expensive do you think this thing can get before you price this thing outside of the possibility of expanding your business? AS OF RIGHT NOW owning an Omni, a VR capable desktop, a compatible headset runs the average user $2100.00, and that's taking it easy. Its more like $2400.00. Do you think there is much more room to expand? I pre-ordered a year ago at $700.00, that was HUGE for me. Untold levels of financial burden would be placed on the average individual to acquire one of these things. If you aren't careful, you're going to kill your product. I hope you are taking your consumer models with a pinch of salt. I'll be considering your product dead in the water past $825.00, the goal is to slowly bring the price down, not up.

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  • Re: FrazierDangers VR-Experience

    Here it is, my glorious descent into madness: