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  • Re: HOW TO: Play any VR Game With Full Locomotion on Omni! Arizona Sunshine Verified

    Where to I donate?
  • Re: I'm out

    Simple. Oculus is not a Chinese company. HTC is. Well, Taiwanese.
  • Re: Will we have access to Hero Software?

    This is actually an incredibly important question. There is every chance in the world that, as Hero Entertainment will own the rights to this software and, as the US market, for now, is stunted indefinitely, we will not receive access to even limited releases of their software. @admin @sutekiB @KellCam_Virtuix, please, enlighten us to the best of your abilities.
  • Re: GROUPAL LAWSUIT?????????????????

    I think that it's in bad taste to attempt to organize that here, openly. You've had your refund and interest approximating the value of your investment. I'd consider checking your motivations more thoroughly and stopping to consider your own ill-advised attempt at a class action lawsuit. It makes no sense and would only serve to harm Virtuix. I hope you one day get your Omni, either through secondary sale or direct if they ever become available, but I don't believe sowing ill will towards this project at this point is going to help anybody, least of all yourself.
  • Re: International Refund Program

    My god the salt here. Please stop, sodium chloride prices are plummeting. Why not, instead, just start a petition. At least that would be a constructive use of your time instead of wasting it with outright shows of anger and hostility towards clearly, if not an honest, well meaning company, a consumer interested development seeking the path of least resistance to profit. At least they would hear your voices collectively rather than individuals lambasting them with insults and insinuations of impropriety.