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  • Re: HOW TO: Play any VR Game With Full Locomotion on Omni! Arizona Sunshine Verified

    Wow! I looked over your script and directions - absolutely brilliant.

    I wonder if someone that can write a device driver could package this up and make it a nice clean install. Geez, I might be able to do this in a couple of weeks. I'm just finishing up a book on WebVR.

    == John ==
  • Re: foot position precision

    IMU's can, however, infer position as they do have acceleration. And I agree, TraVR seems disconnected from foot position or motion. I tried VRZ Torment and fell off the pier at the start TWICE. I seemed to just slide into the water.

    I really like the Omni - don't get me wrong. I went through the Bellows last night and got a little better. There are times though it seems as if I slide or shift without really intending too. The foot motion isn't quite as connected as I would like. I also find strafing a little weird. People can naturally 'strafe' ... it's called Sidestep. That doesn't seem to work though. It would be great if that could be incorporated.

    I have the SDK, I'm thinking of making a REAL training app that'll show, in 3D, your foot position so you can more accurately train yourself to move forward and the right techniques. Is there any need for this? I haven't opened up the SDK yet, though.

    == John ==
  • Fantastic tech support

    I'm giving a shout out to Omni's tech/customer support.

    I had a warranty issue with one of the parts, and they shipped out a new one right away, no questions asked.

    I really appreciate a company that stands by it's product.

    Thank you to Chris and Kurt, and anyone else that helped.

    This really is a solid, well engineered product.

    == John ==