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  • Can non-commercial Omni owners buy the individual games in Omniverse?

    Sorry if this has been covered. I just can’t find a straight answer to this question.
  • Re: Dreadhalls?

    I just tried it out with Vive. Keyboard works, with decoupled via left Vive controller direction. Adding it to the compatible list!
    What does that mean, decoupled via left controller?
  • Re: Rigged up my own Omni shoes

    interesting! I’ve been using the sliders on a new pair of comfortable Nike’s with pretty good success (see pic below). The sliding isn’t as smooth as the Omni shoes, and as you can see in the pic, the sliders wear out fast after only a few sessions. But the comfort of a real shoe is worth it. How long do the booties usually last?

  • Re: Make Omni compatible with games that only offer teleport locomotion

    YES! This is exactly what we need. Especially with more and more VR games being developed with no keyboard or gamepad option.
  • HIGHLY RECCOMEND Bioshock Infinite W/VorpX

    The latest version of VorpX has made Bioshock Infinite so damn good it actually looks VR-native. Anyone who has VorpX, stop what you're doing, click on the link below, and follow the setup guide. You won't be disappointed.

    NOTE: Since the Omni isn't compatible with Xbox gamepad configurations, I'm running the Omni in keyboard mode, until I get the chance to configure it with XPadder. Keyboard mode works well enough. Maybe lower the sensitivity just a bit. If anyone here has made an Xpadder profile for Bioshock Infinite, please let me know.

    Link to Bioshock Infinite VR setup guide with VorpX:

    P..S another tip I've discovered, right click on BioShock infinite in your Steam browser, select properties, and uncheck the box steam overlay. As steam overlay uses DX 10 and the game uses DX 11, the game looks sharper without the overlay.