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  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    at the moment it looks like the most effective way to get suitable content for the Omni is to encourage developers to use the SDK.
    That is going to be really hard or nearly impossible , because what gain will the developers get for supporting the Omni ? almost nothing ! how many people actually have an OMNI at their home right now ? 200 ? 300 ? how many of these people will buy the game ? half ? thats like 100 people at best .. looks to me too much effort and time for something that wont benifit them much ! and specially when virtuix decided not to sell to normal consumers , this does not encourge devs at all ! because the consumers with omni will not rise .. they shot themselves in the foot with that decision.

    I know there is a system that will pay the devs from commercial use of the omnis , to me , I think that system will be hard to impliment , nearly impossible to be fair with the devs.

    again the amount of omnis available right now , will not encourage any devs at all. Virtuix need to pay GOOD CASH for devs to impliment it now. Before it is too late !

    I will keep saying this , a good machine , with no software to support it , is a dead machine.
  • Re: Walking without pressing the buttons in Arizona Sunshine

    we are like 10 people talking to each other in this forums , admin and mod are barely answering or talking to anymore. last omni update was pretty useless .. look there is a new center with 4 omnis and another with 2 and another with 1 ! oh wow ! do we care ? no ! we dont ! please add support to games , that is what we care about !