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  • Re: GROUPAL LAWSUIT?????????????????

    @jgwinner , your cute buddy , you talk like you are the founder of wikipedia .. or like Virtuix omni is the only project on kickstarter. or as virtuix lawyer ? I dont know where you are from , but am guessing USA where business owners practice business as they like. Not in europe buddy , you do something this dodgy , the EU would start an investigation on you. the EU can even ban virtuix from selling in the EU for dodgy activities outside the region in the past.

    Would I go and do all that to damage Virtuix ? yes I Would !
    Do I have time to do that ? no I dont.

    but wither you like it or not , or wither virtuix likes it or not .. I got my omni and it is in europe with me. They tried so hard to cancel my order by any means and refund me the money.. Afterall , it was all a hype train , If I knew software side would be this bad , lack of games support , I would not have backed this project in the first place.

    Welcome to the real world of europe , you do dodgy stuff , you get banned , or you even go to prison.

    ps: ceo of virtuix is from europe.
  • Re: GROUPAL LAWSUIT?????????????????

    @jgwinner , its rubish what you are saying bro , if you really used the omni you would know that there is simply one PCB size of my palm that can be replaced , and am pretty sure any other thing can be replaced too , just like the pcb , probably the only spare parts would be the PCB , the ring , the pods ... and they are already selling the pods as spare parts. they can do the same with pcb and ring.

    the reason that they stopped international shipments is mainly because their production was very slow and they had a huge queue of orders to fulfil , and those orders had the omni priced at a minimum 1000 USD to a rumoured 6800 USD.

    so isnt it better to sell omnis for atleast 1000 USD ? and just refund those whiners ? ofcourse it is ! they tried very hard to cancel any kickstarter omni they could , to an extend they refused to ship it to a shipping forwarder company within the USA ! luckily for me , I have a home in USA and keys with neighbours , I shipped it to my address and reshipped it to myself in europe ! wither they like it or not , its mine and I will use it where evere I wish.

    The omni started as a project out of passion , but everything changed when oculus was bought for 2 Billion USD by facebook , am pretty sure ceo of virtuix thought holly balls , we could be next on facebook list ! buckle up boys ! we gonna be billionares ! and then palmer lucky screwed things up for everyone ! voting for trump , lawsuits up to 500 Million USD ! VR has been nothing but a headache for facebook , to an extend that they wont be participating in E3 this year , they might just give up on it. this means other billion dollers tech companies will simply learn from facebook mistakes and not follow the path. am pretty sure virtuix never received an offer after all that happened.

    and as you said , its cool but its not THAT great , your right , omni might be a great hardware , but with no software , and without software its useless ...since 2013 in the making , we get 3 tier 2 low budget games that work on 1 VR headset. and 2 other indie games that took a year to support.
  • Re: Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter

    @admin , @sutekiB , @DanteM , I was generously given keys of SS The fist encounter , SS The Second encounter , and SS Fusion 2017 Beta. By Croteam "AlenL" for testing purposes of compatibility between Croteam games and The virtuix omni , I can gladly say that Croteam games works great on the Omni with the only available option of WASD simulation. The game is much more immersive with the omni , and it is a ton of fun to play , specially on the omni.

    the movement is not exactly 1:1 , but I expect this to be fixed with official support of the SDK. I cannot remember when was the last time I had so much fun with the omni , it is as good as DOOM 3 BFG on the omni if not better , supporting the Omni SDK officially will probably make the experience even better ! and I cannot wait for that !

    @sutekiB , please add the following games to the compatible games list:

    Serious Sam The first encounter VR
    Serious Sam The second encounter VR
    Serious Sam Fusion 2017 Beta VR

  • Re: Arizona Sunshine , is it compatible after the new update ?

    Congratulations guys ! We did it ! our complains did not go for nothing ! this game will officially get omni SDK support ! I guess all omni users got me to thanks :wink:
  • Re: Quell 4D

    RABID congrats bro , they gonna support this game.