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  • Re: Keyboard emulation - programmable thresholds?

    I never said that enthusiasts wouldn't be willing to experiment with a wide range of settings. By majority of people I referred to the casual consumer.
  • Re: International Refund Program

    I understand how this news is deeply affecting some on the forum. As a long time backer and supporter of the Omni myself, I've always tried to help spread the word about the Omni, and convince people of its merits. For anyone who was a vocal advocate and had hoped to receive an Omni soon, this must come as an especially bitter blow. Since I became a community manager at Virtuix, I see how important the goodwill of the community is to everyone here. As stated in the update, Virtuix has not given up on the dream of making the Omni available around the world, and everyone's support and enthusiasm is still very much appreciated. One day I believe it will happen, and if it does it will be thanks to those who stuck by the team throughout the ups and downs, and upheld the ideals of natural VR locomotion - even despite their personal disappointment. I realise this is easy for me to say, but I do genuinely think there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and I'll do whatever I can to help get us there as soon as possible.
  • Re: How much more expensive can the Omni get?

    The new price has gone live on the website - and it's $999.

    Hopefully, if you missed the pre-order deadline you are breathing a sigh of relief, while at the same time if you've been holding on to your pre-order for a while, you feel sufficiently rewarded for your patience. Personally, I think they've struck a good balance, and I'm glad Virtuix have kept it so low. When people see the Omni, they look at how sturdy it is and typically guess that it's between $2000-5000. Virtuix could easily have priced it in that range - or indeed even higher, without deterring commercial clients. Instead, they kept it at a point that's attainable for most people. It's still a serious investment - just like a quality TV, but I believe it remains great value for the money. Remember this is more than just cutting edge, it enables something incredibly powerful - first person, boundless, free roaming VR. Nothing else gives you that.
  • Re: How much more expensive can the Omni get?

    Hi @gleamingsands, that's a perfectly understandable reaction. The aim is indeed to make the product cheaper in the long run. Many things can contribute to that, but currently the cost of making the Omni is such that the low pre-order price tag needs to go up. In a way this is appropriate given that some people have been waiting a long time with their pre-order - they're getting a good deal. The Omni is unique enough, and cool enough, that I think it will do fine at a higher price until it can be made more affordable.

    The entry cost of VR is indeed high, but this is assuming that you are buying all the components at once, which won't be the case for everyone. Also, the price of VR capable GPUs and smartphones is almost certain to keep coming down, which helps. At some point, all you'll need is an Omni and a cheap smartphone and smartphone viewer.

    Let's also not underestimate the lure of VR, which is just going to become ever more compelling over time as the range of content increases, and other VR technology improves. The Omni is a very solid device capable of accommodating a wide range of people; it has its own comprehensive integrated tracking that works with other systems to give you full, Active VR. Nothing else does this. The Omni shouldn't be ashamed to represent today's high-end of VR, even if the goal is to one day be found in every home.
  • Re: public image (regarding GTA V video)

    The tech is pretty cool huh? I would like to do some longer videos that show the campaign, but for short videos (especially when you're really pressed for time), you are mainly looking to make maximum impact. If you felt shocked by the video, then it worked! I'd rather people worry about how powerfully impactful the Omni might be, than ignore it.

    Violent videogames (which is most of them - even Mario and Sonic are violent) do not cause real violence, though people have tried to make them the scapegoat. Violence has been around long before videogames were invented. I've played many violent videogames, and I am not violent in real life, or feel any temptation to be. On the contrary, there are many people who are or have been violent in real life, who have never played videogames. Videogames are not a causative factor. Stress is the causative factor in violence. The level of stress, its duration, and your ability to cope with it. It's stress in relationships, career-related stress, socially imposed stress and environmentally imposed stress that triggers violence. Stress experienced during early childhood has been shown to have a profound effect. Videogames do not cause stress, as they are voluntary. In fact it's the opposite - they relieve stress! The world would probably be an even more violent place if we didn't have videogames. Happy people, as a rule, do not commit crimes - they're too busy being happy, and don't want to risk losing what they have. It's unhappy people who have a grudge against someone or the larger world and who feel they have nothing to lose who commit most of the violent crime. Furthermore, GTA V is an adult game, not supposed to be played by children. Even if it were a 'bad influence', it should make no difference - if a person has not acquired good morals by the age of 17, then society has already failed them.

    I understand your concern that this video could re-open such a debate (a perfectly valid one - it might indeed have that effect), but maybe we shouldn't be afraid to speed it up? If in this day and age, with all the problems in the world, people still don't understand what causes violence and what doesn't, then I think we ought to have that debate - the sooner we might then be able to put an end to real world violence, which has been allowed to go on far too long.