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  • Re: Keyboard emulation - programmable thresholds?

    As Jan has mentioned elsewhere, we had some difficulty getting this feature to work reliably across games. While it is a good idea in theory, in practice we found it better to toggle or activate sprint with a button press and then physically run on the Omni. Getting legacy games set up to work in VR is challenging enough, I'm not sure users would also want to have to spend a lot of time calibrating the sprint threshold. Most likely they would jump straight into the game and start experiencing problems resulting from an incorrect threshold - for instance, unintentionally activating sticky-keys, going slower instead of faster because the game starts you off running by default, etc. In my opinion, it was the correct decision to leave it out.
  • Re: International Refund Program

    I also appreciate Virtux letting us stomp all over their yard without pulling out the stick too....

    @MarkH The way I see it, the forum is here to serve all members of the community, not promote the company's image. Dissent and open dissatisfaction with the company is fine, as long as forum members are treating each other respectfully. With that said, @DanteM - your comment to steffen1980 is a bit hostile. Please refrain from using swearing (even abbreviated) and insults towards other users so we can keep this a pleasant space for discussion. Disagreement and criticism is fine, as long as it's done politely. Thank you.

    @Admino I don't know the full details. All I can say is that Heroix is a joint venture and is handling distribution in the Asia region for now.

    Hi @steffen1980, it's understandable that you feel angry, having been badly let down. We looked at many options to get the Omni distributed and serviced worldwide but came to the unfortunate conclusion that we simply don’t have the means to do so. The situation is painful for everyone, and deeply regrettable - but it is not a criminal act to issue a refund. Some crowdfunded projects are not able to even do that. We're fortunate that the company can keep operating, and so distribution to consumers in international markets remains a hope for the future.
  • Re: Shifting to non-consumers and its impact on consumer

    It is unfortunate @giroudf that it was not known at the time of the Kickstarter that there would be so much difficulty in shipping and supporting the product internationally. So much has happened since then, it would have been impossible to foresee all of the challenges, though there was always some uncertainty as stated on the campaign page:
    Hardware is hard. Completing the manufacturing process will require time and resources.

    As Jan has said, "money can solve all problems, but the reality is that our resources are limited" - if there had been even greater investment it may have been possible for Virtuix to ship and support the Omni to all backers, all over the world. Sadly, the potential of VR, the problem of simulator-sickness, and the merits of the Omni are still not as widely recognised as they ought to be.

    It is a known risk with crowdfunded projects that they may run into difficulties. Luckily, in this case those difficulties did not extend to backers losing their money. The lengthy wait, time without access to the pledged amount, and disappointment are still deeply regrettable. However, I'd like to focus on the positives - the company is still in a strong position, it is producing the Omni, and I believe there is a route (as history has shown) from being a commercial-only product to becoming a viable consumer product. It's just going to take a bit longer than we all hoped. Let's keep the faith, and keep working hard towards that vision!

  • Re: International Refund Program

    Hi @Slopey, this is very difficult for all of us, but we will try to make it through to the other side. No-one ever wants to alienate their own community, so you can imagine this was not an easy decision to make. We do our best to answer questions, but we know that won't be enough to soothe the wounds. Hopefully in time, you'll understand and forgive the reasoning that went into this course of action. International refunds hurt now, but if we're to one day have affordable active virtual reality for everyone, Virtuix needs to make it through these early days of the market, and not leave thousands of unserviced Omnis in regions it can't yet support. I apologise if this is not the rationale you want to hear at this moment, and I apologise again for my earlier wording. I hope that should the Omni become available in your area one day you'll consider it again, with no hard feelings.

    @50pence777 - yes I think there is no rule about accepting returns on faulty products in the U.S. or agreeing to refunds. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the units that are dispatched, but if there were a problem outside of the U.S., servicing costs would be very high without infrastructure in place. It's been looked at carefully, and this just isn't a feasible route for the company to take right now. Maybe one day in the future, but until then it wouldn't be right to continue holding on to people's money.