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  • Re: Dreadhalls?

    Hi @lipplog, that means that my forward movement is in the direction I point the left Vive controller. So, if I hold the controller facing forward, i.e. the direction I am walking, I can simultaneously look around without deviating from that course.
  • Re: User guides for Skyrim and GTA V

    Hey @Joe, some of those guides are now a bit out of date. For Skyrim, you will want to use the latest version of VorpX and DO use the direct head tracking feature (it was too buggy before). You will need to do this at the start of the game session - keep your head still while it does its thing, and then you'll have positional head tracking and it won't lose sync after you come out of a menu. This makes a huge difference to playability. However, there is a bug I observed that you should be aware of. In my experience, if I switched the camera view out of first person (no reason you should do that, but if it's part of your button mapping configuration you may hit it accidentally), then I would notice head-tracking glitches; leaning forward would cause the camera to switch to looking in the opposite direction, and the camera would stutter. The same would happen if I died and it resumed from an auto-save. If this happens to you, here's how to avoid it - don't change the view out of first person, and don't die! Activate God Mode if you have to. Otherwise you'll have to exit the game and reload the save, and repeat the direct head tracking scan.

    Skyrim takes a lot of setting up, but it's totally worth it. Install the right mods, set up your gamepad, get it running at a smooth enough frame rate, and play as an archer-mage, and you have one of the best VR experiences out there. This one game alone justifies having an Omni IMO. Don't use the enhanced edition by the way, classic performs better.

    Good luck and have fun.
  • Re: Skyrim, DOOM, Fallout VR

    Omniverse is not just about short experiences. It features a save game function for returning customers, allowing them to complete longer titles, of which there are a few on the platform, for instance Quell 4D, Primoridan, and Karnage Chronicles. Of course I would also love to see those Bethesda games have Omni support, but I have nothing to report on that at this time.
  • Re: i can't move in game

    Hi @drilldraver, we have some instances of Omnis incorrectly being sent out "secured", which means they have to be registered in order to work - we are looking into this. By contacting we can assist you in resolving the problem.
  • Re: i can't move in game

    Hi @elegator, if you haven't already resolved this, please contact