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  • Re: People selling their kickstarter backer pre-orders on Ebay

    its not about knowing the future. Its about observations.
    I agree with this statement Joe. You can judge future success or failure based on observations. You can also use those observations to make changes, and thereby alter the outcome. We're all working hard to continually improve. It's normal to have a rough start, but we believe those rough edges will soon be smoothed out.
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    @RABID I'm not at the office at the moment and I left it there, but I'll be back in a few weeks - I'll take some pictures for you then.
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    It was @sutekiB that wasn't sharing a link for it, can't fault him TOO much for not having a link to the products of their commercial partner...
    or the right name apparently lol?
    The prop gun that the Vive controller is docked into is made by our commercial partner UNIS.
    was UNIS bought out? On that page the About Us the company name says "Beswin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd" here is their product list in case people at PAX or E3 etc etc ever ask you guys where to buy one of those guns after they try it with the Omni. :D
    I was not withholding a link; the first time I saw that link happened to be the same day it was posted here on the forum. Indeed, I don't handle commercial sales inquiries so there's no reason I would have, or need to have that link. It was my understanding that UNIS made the gun prop. Perhaps I was mistaken, or maybe they commissioned the prop from another company.

    @sami I fixed your quote for you with my awesome mod powers

  • Re: GTA 5 profile , ‘SutekiB’s GTA V Profile for Virtuix Omni & VorpX’ (ID: 712133704)

    Hey @sami, you might want to bookmark this thread - it's the one I will keep updated (the top post).
    Yes, there is an awesome Minecraft Vive mod, which I have a guide for.

    VorpX can be a hassle to set up, but it's worth it for some games. You should try Jedi Outcast, it's awesome. There's a video of me playing it on my channel. Yes, the hand motions are just for fun, but it plays really well:
  • Re: Virtuix shoes need wheels for turning while walking/running

    I forgot there were variants in the colour of the shoe gliders. There are indeed black and white models.