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  • The Last Regular Kickstarter Update

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to remind you that June's update - the 74th since the campaign started, was the last regular one. The Omni is being manufactured, and all domestic backers who imported their rewards into the store have now been contacted regarding shipping. Virtuix will continue to keep the community posted on developments, but that will now be done through the regular newsletter, which you should sign up for if you haven't already:

    There have been many highs and lows since the project was launched in 2013, the worst part being the necessity to refund international backers and pre-order customers. Accepting the fact that the company wouldn't be able to ship and support the Omni to everyone, and would need to issue refunds instead, has been very difficult - for the team as much as those affected. That said, the team has worked hard to produce a quality VR treadmill, and I believe that great things will be done with it, thanks to your patience, belief, and understanding. It's a brave and visionary community that gets behind something as unprecedented as the Omni. I hope everyone who receives their Omni will enjoy and make use of it, and I hope in the future all will have the same opportunity - VR needs natural, unlimited locomotion if it's to ever be truly successful.

    Until then, please continue to post your thoughts here on the forum, and if you would like to leave any messages of support for Jan and the rest of the team, feel free to do so here or in the Kickstarter update:

  • Re: KIckstarter Early Backer Having Trouble Fulfilling Order

    Hi @Stexe, thank you for joining us on the forum! Our apologies for missing your email - we have now responded with instructions on how to proceed.
  • Re: Shoe sizes

    @Fan47 That's correct, the 11s grip my feet really well even though they're a size larger. I'm afraid I can't comment on the fit for wider feet, since I haven't seen any feedback on that yet.
  • Re: Shoe sizes

    Hi @Fan47, the shoes are quite flexible, and I've used sizes 9 - 11, where I would be normally be a 10 1/2. There are no half sizes and the shoes do run a little large, so the best shoe for me is a size 10. You can always order more shoes on the website.
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