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  • Re: The SoulKeeper VR

    I played a bit of the closed Alpha last night and it was awesome! The vibe was all like:

  • Re: International Refund Program

    Perhaps those international kickstarters/preorders could nominate established US based VR development teams to shift/gift their order to? (I doubt anyone is actually feeling that altruistic though)

    @GreyAcumen - I like this suggestion and will run it by the team.
  • Re: A friendly reminder from Canadians, please do not use UPS.

    @Kijutsu you're right to be upset, and I apologise for my wording earlier. Pointing out the refund clause was insensitive of me - it wasn't intended to come across disrespectfully. I have edited my comment. This is very difficult news to break and it's hard to find the right words sometimes.
  • Zombie FPS 'Lop Nor Zombie' - Vote for Omni Support!

    Hi guys, here's a great VR Zombie FPS on Steam that I think would be perfect for the Omni. Locomotion is handled by teleportation in the current build, but you can get an idea of how much fun free roaming in this game would be from the video below, which I believe is from a developer build (it even shows strafing!).

    The game is very reminiscent of parts of Resident Evil 2, with abandoned cars and streets full of zombies. It has some awesome mechanics that make great use of the Vive controllers: picking up and loading ammunition into the gun, throwing grenades, etc. I love how after you load the ammo you still have to chamber the round with a separate motion - this really notches up the tension as the zombies shuffle ever closer to you.

    The poll may look a little one-sided (but then why wouldn't you want Omni support?) - my hope is that we as a community can rally behind games that would benefit from integration and show developers that we like their game and want Omni support! I know we'll get more activity here once more of us have received our Omnis, but let's make a start and show our spirit! You can also 'vote' directly on the Steam page here (e.g. "+1 for Omni support"):

    Current status: Developer considering Omni support for next version.
  • Re: FrazierDangers VR-Experience

    That wasn't a fair fight! I think you should play it again when the Touch comes out, then bash that thing over the head with the flashlight.