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  • Re: so KAT Walk has started shipping

    I still feel like Omni is the Better product but dammit if I'm not envious.
  • Re: Omni at PAX West 2016

    I wish I was going so I could try it out. I want the Omni so bad!
  • Re: Production Update

    Until it's in my house, I will never trust any dates this company gives. It has been constant pushbacks and "ramping up production" for almost 4 years. I apologize for being so negative but I'll be dammed if I'm going to lie about my constant frustration.
  • Re: Time for an honest update on a release scedule.

    So it changed on their FAQ AGAIN and there is still not one single email, update or anything informing us that it's going to be tell the almost end of the 3rd year before we get our Omni's. Frustration does not begin to cover the anger that I feel towards these constant pushbacks with literally no information. I understand pushbacks, and I understand that **** happens, but they should keep the people who got them off the ground better informed.
  • Re: A Question on Pathfinder

    Q2 of this year? I HIGHLY doubt it. They have said "Ramp up production" in almost every update for three years or so and I we are still not seeing any kind of shipping dates, schedules or even a realistic projection. If it wasn't for the investment of time I've made I would have already backed out. Getting so tired of unfulfilled promises with these guys. "I understand your frustration" is the standard response when people get angry that they've been waiting three years for a product but they still haven't pushed out a product to anyone but the pathfinders. To top that off, they have been extremely unclear of how long they are going to product test with the pathfinders before they start shipping. Is it going to be another month of testing? Two months? Because anymore than a couple of weeks and there is absolutely no way they are going to get any omnis out by Q2 yet for some reason they are still saying Q2 which will be yet another broken promise and missed deadline.