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    My cat does the same thing!
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    @Joe I have been playing on it for days and I have some complaints and some praises. The shoes are a little uncomfortable. I wish they would have come up with a way to slip the pods and the bottom onto an existing shoe instead of using those uncomfortable Omni Shoes. I love playing games in the Omni but I can only play in it for so long before my feet start to hurt. I am hoping that in the coming weeks, as I plan to play on it daily, my feet will adjust and it will feel better walking and running on it. The three games have yet to bore me so far but i am going to have to start buying and modding new games or find a way to get some Legacy games working for it because I will eventually get tired of them. Since I have absolutely 0 experience in coding, modding, or even adjusting with the settings on games, this will be a challenge for me but I think I will figure it out. I am REALLY looking forward to some more native Omni games. I am still getting used to running. I have been using the TRAVR game to get used to it though, having to dodge lasers and bullets and stuff is a great way to get used to moving around. If it weren't for the harness, I would have fallen more times than I can count. Although, the harness does seem to slip up on my body when I'm running sometimes. Maybe I should have gotten a small instead of a medium? I don't want to have to buy a smaller one. REALLY wish there were a place I could've tried it out so I could have gotten the sizing right. All in all though, I am still extremely happy with it.