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  • Re: VUE VR Treadmill @ Iniegogo

    Its a knockoff, of a knockoff
  • Re: International Refund Program

    I have to say the wizdish really looks like crap, regardless of now much decorative crap they attach to the support ring. Its not nearly wide enough and every video I have seen everyone holds on the the support ring. I really think the average person with half a brain could make there own ODT that's better than the wizdish.

    It also looks like if anyone over 200lb skipped and fell they would just crush the support wring.
  • Re: How much more expensive can the Omni get?

    1K is about what i thought it would be set to. I think anything higher would have been a mistake.
  • Re: Production Update

    Well the waiting does suck, I cant argue that. I also would have loved for them to say we will be shipping the Omni on date X 3 years from now and have that be true. However that is, at best, completely unrealistic. If it was not for Virtuix going the Kick-starter route we likely would have never heard anything about it accept for maybe an overall concept until perhaps E3 of this year. Because of Kickstarter we get to see the design and manufacturing process step by step. This is, in my opinion, really cool. It also completely sucks as we are constantly being updated on something we really want but don't actually know when we are going to get it. We also get to witness any and all product delays we would otherwise have no idea about if the Omni was privately funded.
  • Re: It's Official: GTX 1080 and 1070

    Good choice. I am a big fan of EVGA. I currently have the 980Ti Classified. Love it. I will likely get the same when the 1080Ti comes out.