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    @steffen1980 lay off the cocaine.
  • Re: Time for an honest update on a release scedule.

    What exactly where you expecting @flamaest ? They said they have shipped out the 50 pathfinder Omni's and that the pathfinder beta is going well and on schedule to finish up at the end of the month. where you expecting a tweet every time they shipped a pathfinder Omni?

    Canceling orders, pulling money out of seed-invest and bitching on the forum will not make this go any faster.
  • Re: Time for an honest update on a release scedule.

    Well i give up. **** away. Hope it makes you all feel better.
  • Re: First Owner Impressions Coming Next Sunday

    I don't think they are under NDA. There are several videos on youtube
  • Re: It's pretty dim in here, shed some light please

    OK first of @DM_36 what do you do that you can get your company to buy an Omni!?

    I am not saying I don't want a hard release data to be announced because I do. But I have been thinking about this and I think everyones unrest is do to the nature of kickstarter itself. Its somewhat of a double edged sword. On one side the Omni might never have gotten to the point it's at or perhaps it would have just years to get here. On the other hand people are used to a product being announced with a release date. The phone companies have really shortened this timeframe in the past few years. So we as consumers are used to something being announced and a few months, or even weeks, later have it actually released. So not only are these products already designed and tested before they are even announced but are actually already being manufactured if not already on a boat being shipped around the world.

    This is not the case with kickstarter, we are getting in on the ground floor, so any delays are right out there in the open. There are delays for most products but we as consumers rarely see them because we have not been previewed to the multi year development process like we are with a kickstarter campaign, all see is the end result.

    I for one have been fairly pleased with Virtuix. Sure they pushed the date back by quite a bit, but I would rather wait a little longer and have a better product then have them rush something out. Especially when you consider that if they did not do a kickstarter we would just be blissfully unaware that this product could have even existed or we would be waiting another N number of years to get it. Not to mention that there is not even a consumer ready HMD out there to use it with.

    I also think that Virtuix has been doing a pretty good job at keeping us up-to-date on the process with their monthly blog posts. I find it nice to have some relatively convincing evidence that progress is being made and there not all just doing hookers and blow on top of a huge pile of our money.

    So I am glad I had a chance to back them and help this product come to fruition and will gladly wait for them to do there job and make the best dam OTD that can currently be made. If you need more to justify the wait just thank your bank account Virtuix has not gown the way of Sixence.