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  • Re: Building a full set

    1. good choice :)
    2. Will try and make this short. Rift is generally considered more comfortable, thatch not saying the Vive is uncomfortable. I have the Vive and find it more than comfortable for long game play sessions. A decided to go with the Vive because it comes with tracked controllers and it can do room-scale, standing and seated experiences. not only can it do them but all three are supported by HTC/Valve. Only seated and standing experiences are currently supported by the Rift. That may change but Oculus has not said anything about it. That said you will not be disappointing with either headset and both will work fine with the Omni. There is also the avaliablity you should consider. If you have not orderd the Rift yet its unlikly to get it this year. The turn around time for ordering a Vive is a few month.
    3. GPU! If your building a VR specific PC go with the new GTX 1080 if you can afford it or the GTX 1070 They are not only the fastest GPU's on the market but they also have fetures spasificly designed for VR. That being said you still need a decent CPU i would suggest an i7 6700 or an i5 6600 if you want to save a little money. This is my build. its a bit overkill, but it plays VR flawlessly.
    4. As i mentioned above the Vive comes with two tracked controllers. The Rift comes with an xbox controller. Oculus is working on tracked controllers but there is no word on when they will be released. Other than Vive controllers i use an Xbox controller and the Cabela's Elete Top shot gun controller, its not tracked and is just a gun shaped controller. What I am really looking forward to is when www.strikervr.com releases a consumer version of there gun with tracking. Though there is no word on when that will be
    5. You don't need VorpX to play games build for VR. What VorpX does is allow you to play non-VR games in VR such as Fallout 4 or GTA V. Its not perfect, there are issues trying to force a non-VR game into VR such as the menu's just dont work well. VorpX does a decent job but sometimes it can be very annoying. Personally i think it well work the 40$. There is also Vireio wich does the same thing as VorpX and is free its just a bit more tricky to get working.
  • System Shock 3 Survey

    I posted this link in another thread but i wanted to create a new thread to make sure everyone saw it.

    It is confirmed that System Shock 3 is going to be a thing! There is also a survey linked from the following article...
    the survey includes a question asking how interested you would be for SS3 to support VR.

    Virtuix jump in on this early to get full Omni support for this. :)