Couple questions regarding the Omni as an exercise device

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I'm contemplating how well the Omni can work as a piece of exercise equipment, and a couple questions arose in my mind.

1. How low impact could running on the Omni be considered? It has the low friction materials, which would slightly reduce the impact of your feet (or so I imagine), and the shape of the base would reduce impact as well (in the same way running up hill is lower impact).

Its not as good as an elliptical in comparison, since elliptical machines have zero impact. But it should be better than plain running or running on a treadmill, I'm just wondering how much so. That could be used as a selling point, when marketing it as a piece of equipment that makes exercise fun. After all, one of the advantages listed for elliptical machines over treadmills is that they are no impact. Being less hard on the feet and joints compared to regular running is a big plus. Anyone have an idea as to just how low impact it is compared to plain running?

2. Can the non-developer consumer adjust how fast his game avatar moves in the software? Will we be able to say make our avatars run or jog, when we ourselves are only briskly walking on the Omni? Being able to vary the energy required for input, while still getting the results you want in the game world is crucial. Even for an already fit person, they may want to play for hours and hours at a time, and still have their game avatar run. Ideally I'm hoping the avatar movement speed to actually walking/running speed ratio can be adjusted via slider. Does anyone know if this will be the case?

I gladly pre-ordered an Omni on the kickstarter page btw, so people know I'm not some fence sitter. lol


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    i am also interested in this
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    I think that the Omni's impact on the joints/feet are rather similar to running in the real world. I think the reason that running uphill is slightly lower impact is due to the fact that you're decreasing the amount of force that you're foot is bringing down due to the difference in elevation. Think of it as tossing a book up into the air, and then when it hits the ground it has an impact of "x" force. Well, if you toss it up the same height, but it hits a table, then the impact will be reduced because gravity wouldn't have had as much of an effect on it. Remember, gravity is a form of acceleration so as more time passes an object will continue to gain speed, which will generate more force upon impact. So, since there isn't much of a change in elevation the impact will be about the same, at least I believe so....
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