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Hi all,

I'm sorry if this topic has been brought up before. I did a quick search, and didn't see it.

Anyhow. I understand that out of the box, the Omni will emulate a keyboard, so that no existing games will have to have Omni support explicitly added. If I understand correctly, this means that you'll be limited to moving in 8 directions, and only at one speed (barring walk/run modifiers). It seems to me that adding an option to also emulate a joystick might be worthwhile. The joystick would allow you to move in any direction, not just 8, and at a wide range of speeds without needing to make walk/sprint scripts. Additionally, none of the existing Rift-enabled games that I've played would need re-coding. HL2, Quake2, and variants all allow movement to be controlled by a joystick without interfering with Rift look or mouse aiming.

Either way, I'll be buying an Omni, but it seems like adding the option to emulate a joystick would be the difference between a good experience and a great experience.



  • Welcome to the forums Bill, I wish I could say more on this subject, but at the moment I'm not even knowledgeable about the 8 direction setup going on at the moment. But I agree, the joystick configuration would make more sense, but don't most joysticks operate on an 8 direction base? I must say I've never really looked into it that much....
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    It has been briefly discussed before Basically the Omni SDK has to support output as a human interface device to emulate analogue joystick controls.

    Unfortunately Virtuix has not been able to comment on it yet.
  • The Omni will use capacitive tracking which will have some range even above the surface (not much I suppose). This tracking will allow you to go any direction (you can say unlimited number of directions) therefore it is not related to 8 walking directions (how did you even come up with that?).

    The tracking will also recognize your walking speed and transfer it as analog signal. This analog signal will be processed according to the game (Integrated omni analog or not).
    If the game doesn´t have Omni integrated it will only recognize walking/running or maybe slow walk for games like ARMA.
    If the game will have Omni tracking it will know how fast you are moving on omni and do 1:1 translation into game to prevent motion sickness and stuff like that everyone is blablling about... you know the drill.
  • SuprM4n: Thanks for the welcome. A standard joystick (at least as I'm describing) has two axes, or four directions. However, the axes blend, and unlike a d-pad (or arrow keys/wsad keys), the axes can have values other than on/off. Because of this, you have a much wider range of apparent directions, and every direction can have a wide range of values.

    Raoul: Thanks for the link. It's good to hear that the Omni is capable of "analog" output. Up to this point, I've only heard of it emulating keystrokes. Even if it's only an HID keyboard with no HID joystick, that would at least give basic functionality. If the good folks at GlovePIE or FreePIE get ahold of the SDK and integrate it there, we're off to the races.

    Chairman: I'd not heard of the Omni using capacitive tracking until you mentioned it. That's exciting news. I came up with 8 directions because everything official that I read stated that the Omni would emulate keystrokes, and you only get 8 directions with keystrokes.

    Emulating a keyboard works, but is clunky. Emulating a mouse interferes with aiming. Emulating a joystick (either out of the box, or via GlovePIE/FreePIE) or direct game integration, in my opinion, will offer the best game experience.
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