Buy Omni but not Occulus?

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I saw you creat a new about Omni sales but i saw one probleme. We can't buy an occulus rift, commercial version is not release (maybe 2015).

We don't have any date of Occulus Rift disponibility. So we don't have any utility to buy Virtuix Omni at the moment?


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    Hi shayologo,

    The Omni won't be shipped until around May next year, and Oculus have previously said that the Rift will also come out in 2014. There may be a few months difference, we won't know for sure until a bit nearer the time. If the Omni arrives first, you could either get hold of a Rift developer kit, or use a television. Turning and looking around would have to be done with a gamepad in that instance. You may also be able to use a tablet/phone with one of the VR headset mounts that are starting to appear on the market. I'm sure there will be lots of advice here on the forums about how to make the most of the Omni while you're waiting for the Rift.
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  • You might buy an Omni without the Rift if you have a smartphone VR headset. And an iOS app that supports the Omni.

    I recently built GyroTroller, which should be out soon on the iOS App Store. While it does not currently support the Omni, it may by the time that the Omni ships.

    I've contacted Virtuix about the input of the Omni. If it behaves as a keyboard that iOS can recognize, then I'm inclined to build in keyboard support to my apps. I posted the content of my letter to Virtuix at
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