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I've recently gone on a binge of looking at demos of motion tracking devices and other VR-related technologies. I've noticed that most demos of particularly new and complex technologies (like STEM motion tracking) tend to take place in virtual environments designed from the ground up to be used with advanced motion tracking as seen here:

My question is, how difficult is it for experienced independent developers to mod existing games to allow VR-based features (height-based positional tracking, 1:1 walking/running with the Omni, hand/gun tracking independent from built-in features [such as sword-fighting in Elder Scrolls]), and have we heard anything from big-name developers (Valve, Bethesda, etc.) about modding existing games for extensive VR capabilities, or any plans for designing a game from the ground up with VR in mind (like Virtuix is doing with TRAVR)?

Thank you.

PS: Forgive me if there's something I've missed. I've only recently discovered the VR community.
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