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    PlayStation 4 VR headset is entitled 'Project Morpheus'.




    1080p display, 90+ degree field of view.
    1000Hz rotation detection, 3 metre working volume in full 360 degrees.
    Binaural audio design is producing 'true spacial sound.' Allows simulation of 'up to 60 speakers.'
    Audio jack built-in, but wireless headsets are also compatible.
    Headset design avoid placing weight on cheeks or nose.
    EVE Valkyrie confirmed for PlayStation 4.
    Thief from Square Enix has been recreated for VR.
    Also shown: The Castle, focuses on PlayStation Move & The Deep from London Studios.
    'The current prototype is wired. We're going to investigate other solutions.'


    'Is this hardware applicable to other platforms?'
    PlayStation 4 only, but anything's possible.

    'Is there a future beyond the console world?'
    'We're not discussing product decisions today.'

    Project Morpheus works in conjunction with PS Move, will there be any feedback?
    'Down the road, I think we will definitely see haptics in VR.'

    Locomotion - hands in the videogame with PlayStation Move. What about feet?
    'We've been researching it... it's an active area of research.'

    That's the end of Sony's presentation. What do you think guys? Thanks to VRfocus for the coverage also & for some of the pictures. If you were in any doubt before, I think it's pretty obvious now that VR is happening. It IS the future. Thank you Virtuix for letting me explore it with my own two feet.
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    Virtuix Omni working on the PS4 = me buying a PS4

    The future looks amazing for VR!
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    When VR Project Morpheus is released early 2016, I then will buy a Virtuix Omni, especially if they come out with Anime type interactive games, I would not mind chasing a few anime chicks around.... heh heh heh
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