Facebook purchasing Oculus validates Morpheus

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Here's an article on Forbes that points out that Sony has been in close contact with Oculus and believes that VR will be best served thru collaborative cross company development.

At Virtuix, we are very excited about cross collaboration in VR. Many of our backers want to move around in VR using the Omni, STEM, PrioVR, Leap, and many other devices. We will research these new technologies as they are made available and attempt to enable our developers to incorporate the Omni into these new VR experiences.

What do you think about the notion of collaborative development amongst big brands such as Valve, Facebook, Sony, etc? Do you think it can really happen?


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    Having trouble when clicking that link for some reason, but highlighting the text and right clicking got me there. Interesting read!
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  • *** Link fixed - thanks for pointing out @SutekiB
  • Would be interesting. Some things concern me though.

    1) The current price tag for omni. $500 is preety big. Imagine if this goes to the Asian market. China will prolly step up to this if Omni gets trendy. If we can make it cheaper and supports more games, it will work in Asia. And there's a lot of ppl in countries like China, India, and Indonesia. Most Indonesians like me usually can't spend $500 easily (around Rp 6 million at the time of this post. To compare, a PS4 costs roughly Rp 5 mil here)
    2) Compatibility issues. No one likes that.

    Wow I didn't realize I can do some decent rough market analysis.

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    Hi @Wolvenworks, for me the Omni is a life-changing product. The benefits of owning one will be substantial - physical, mental and even financial. The money people will save through virtual holidays, social and business networking, and using it as an alternative to a gym membership, will more than pay for the Omni itself in the long run (side-note: gyms can make their aerobic facilities more appealing by adding Omnis to their equipment line-up!). That said, they have tried to keep the Omni as affordable as possible while still raising the quality. I was amazed by the improvements evident at CES. I do hope the Omni will by hugely popular in Asia, and perhaps when it is being produced in such large quantities, the cost may come down.

    I think the emerging VR industry will benefit from co-operating to ensure content and hardware are as cross-compatible as possible, and perhaps Razer's OSVR initiative is an early sign of this. I hope consoles will support the Omni as a third-party peripheral, so content creators can offer more intuitive control schemes for more enjoyable experiences free of simulator sickness, which should maximise VR's impact and accelerate its adoption!
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  • Heh soon we can go .Hack eh =D

    or Sword Art Online for the newer generation. To me, There can be only .Hack

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