With Legacy Apps, How does the Omni emulate the keyboard inputs?

Was looking at possibly buying an Omni and using it with a range of games I've got. I'm a developer by background and I'm just a bit confused how your controller emulates the keyboard? Is such functionality provided by each supported engine that you've attached the Omni to or is an external application used to track input from the Omni which then essentially converts a movement to a corresponding key which the game can then pick up?



  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
    probably the system is made from concentrical rings and when your feets pass over them it triggers the correct key. spped is detected from the interval you pass over the externel and internal ring.
    not sure if the omni is direction sensitive. If it emulates switch joystick, there is only a need for quad sector in each ring, bit that would be pretty rough detection.
    eight sector would be even better.
    Another possibility is the platforrm is a big touch pad, but i doubt it is possible since the omni is made from detached parts.
    I think the omni rely more on the sensor you could find on the oculus or the motion detector you could add later, providing only basic detection.
  • @Modernllama‌ @giroudf‌ I can clarify that the Omni is direction sensitive. However when playing legacy games (which uses a external application to press keys) there will be a few degrees of customisability. When playing with (most - with the odd exception eg Arma) legacy games the direction you move when you walk forward will be controlled by the direction in which you are looking with the Rift. However the Omni can use its directional functions in other ways such as recognising strafing, jumping and walking/running forwards/backwards correctly even after you spin 180 degrees in the Omni - (detects the spin and corrects for it.).

    As for how the Omni tracks movements it uses 40 capacitive sensors in an arrangement that I guess is similar to this prototype image:

    Hope that's helpful!
  • @NobleBrutus‌ thanks for the clarification. So with legacy games, what is the degree of control is on the Omni end and what degree relies on the game engine? Is all of the functionality you've mentioned basically working out what key to press or is there more to it? I'm just trying to work out what the chances are of an omni working with games from more obscure engines and understanding the degree of separation between game engine and the omni will help me assess that.


  • @Modernllama‌ The Omni (in legacy mode) will be able to emulate keystrokes from a keyboard to allow compatibility with any PC game. It is still slightly unclear as to whether it could emulate a Analog Stick though I see no reason why it shouldn't. Only when the Omni is supported natively (either through patching/modding or being built from the ground up for the Omni) will the Omni interface directly with the game engine.

    Minecraft and Arma 2 represent two good examples of obscure game engines you can currently see the Omni working well with.
  • @NobleBrutus‌ The Omni does emulate an Analog Stick. When the Omni is connected to the PC, it is recognized as a game pad controller by default. This Analog Stick emulation allows for variable speeds inside the game environment and other functionality. We can't wait to show this off soon!
  • @Modernllama‌ - would be curious to know which game engines you are referring to? There will be an opportunity to tune movement both in the game engine as well as in the Omn User Interface. As the final prototypes come together, we will have more to offer in the way of player adjustments in the near future.
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